So finally a long lasting wish has finally come into existence.

Some of you who did go through the list of 10 things that I wished to do before dying would know how exciting I would be these days. As the name of the post suggests it has something related with a Dance Form. Yes, I have joined Shiamak Davar dance classes for Jazz. I’m just 4 classes old right now as they are only on weekends. I happy that I have found a mission to go out on weekends too, otherwise usually my weekends were spent at home either cooking or cleaning home.

And as a brat me and Simran (a friend whom I encouraged and who encouraged me – to join the classes) have made a routine for ourselves. Once the class is over we hang out at Priya Vasant Vihar, sipping coffee and chatting.

I am liking this schedule as of now, looking forward to a hip-hop class this weekend.

It’s actually Fun….why?? Would explain later.


Till then happy dancing 🙂


5 thoughts on “Jazz

  1. Cool Girl! Which part of Delhi are these classes organized at? Can u send me an email abt it? What all different kinds of dances? Charges etc?

    Where is the list of 10 things you wanna do before dying? You should have linked to it na from this post. I guess I missed it.

  2. @Neelabh – they mainly teach Jazz, but as we would be performing on a song…it would me mix of some more forms i guess…this weekend we would be learning hip-hop…

    @Kaddu – have mailed you the details…happy dancing (hope you decide to join) 🙂

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