Radio Jockey

I always wanted to be one. I remember going for the auditions to Ansal Plaza, way back in 2004. Aditi was totally against the idea but as I was so adamant, she had to agree to accompany me on her weekly off. So we went to Ansal’s, I gave the auditions and as expected I got nothing except the momentary happiness of atleast trying. But it was fun.

There was this guy collecting the forms near the audition booth. He was looking at me and was smiling. I asked Adi if she knew who he was, as I thought he might be smiling at her. With this confusion in head I gave him my form, and then he said “aap aaj bhi aa gaye?”, only to get puzzled looks from me. I told him that he has mistaken, there might be someone one else and that I was there for the first time. He kept smiling without getting convinced and I went for the audition. So there was a booth (looking like a telephone booth) with a microphone in it. I went in and bindaas bol dali sari script which was given to us. When I came out the guy then said “It was better today than yesterday”. Instead of thinking too much, I concluded that he must be trying to flirt around. Oh by the way, in the meanwhile I convinced Adi that its fun and she should also go in for the auditions.

Little did I know that after years of not-being-able-to-clear-the-audition, I’ll get a chance to be an RJ. Though there was just one person I needed to convince that I was calling from a radio station.

So it was one of the acquaintances who wanted a number of ‘his object of affection’, that he met on a community site. Her profile dint flash a contact number (of course), and as by the time this acquaintance (say person A) was done with his thesis on her; he knew from where to get the number.

It was her eBoyfriend (whose number was at public display in his profile), who was the medium to take her number. But how…was the question. We started thinking and came up with this plan. Where we would call him up and ask for her number. “This is it”. Nahh…it wasn’t that simple.

We worked on the script and the scene, and Plan A, Plan B and a rescue plan if every plan seem to fail. Fortunately, the first plan worked. Where I was an RJ, who called him up from Delhi as there was a campaign going on, in which his number got selected and now he could gift a song to anyone he want. And as his eGirlfriend was celebrating her birthday next day, he requested a song for her. Then came the crucial part, asking for her number, he hesitated initially but once I convinced him that the number wont be leaked out, he was a game.

Later that day, when the minute hand of the clock met the hour hand in the midnight; the girl got a surprise in the form of a call from Mr.A.



4 thoughts on “Radio Jockey

  1. Yeah…this one was fun too,,,as later that guy kept calling up on Mr.A’s cell number and I again picked up and usko hadka dia not to call on that number as thats office ka phone….bechara 😛

  2. hhahhaha..i quite relate to this i so wanted to be an RJ too 🙂 and yes did go for audition at Radiocity some 6 yrs back and went into that ‘booth’ like thing and yes it was fun. btw people still say i have a reaaaaaaaaly good voice 😉

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