Dev D

Dev D


Too bold to watch with family. I don’t know about others but I did go through ‘what the hell’ feeling during initial 15-20minutes of the movie. I thought that it’ll turn out to be a low grade semi-porn movie where two desperate ‘love-birds’ are looking for some time and space at a war level to do ‘it’. But later the story took too many twists and turns to keep the interest intact. Abhay Deol plays Dev, the character one would Love to Hate. He is a brat, ‘been there done that’ is what he portrays. So by the time he turns 27 he has done almost everything apart from killing someone…God knows he might have done that too. The movie is about this guy Dev, who calls his parents by their names and is being scolded off for the same quite a lot of times. His parents sends him to London for studies. He comes back to India and what triggers him to take this decision was a nude photograph of his eGirlfriend (it’s the same girl who was their in his childhood too). Story could have been any normal story, it has been forced to resemble to Devdas by naming the characters Dev (aka Devendar), Paro (not Parvati), Chanda and Chunni. As soon as Dev gets to know that his girlfriend has slept with another guy he decides to dump her, forgetting the fact that he was making out with a total stranger few hours before which eventually ended up in sex the next day.

Later he realises that the guy lied to him. Dev drowned himself in liquor and dope. Destiny took him to Chanda’s door. A school girl who turned to be a prostitute cos circumstances forced her to. She became quite (in)famous after the MMS scandal. Her parents took her away from India. Then her father killed himself cos of the guilt of watching that MMS featuring her daughter. Instead of taking a stand for her daughter he thought of suicide. Her mother sent her to paternal relatives in some village in Punjab. Everyday became nothing less than a hell for a girl who was treated as her father’s killer. She ran away and the rest is obvious.


Movie had a happy ending where Chanda and Dev realised their Love for each other.


Movie doesn’t deserve a rating of 5 for sure, if its for the following reasons:

  • It’s a bold movie
  • The director dint show his kanjoosiat in using the F word & some more Hindi swear words
  • Some highly embarrassing scenes …ammm dialogues I must say, as scenes were picturised very smartly.


You can watch it for Abhay Deol…he has jumped in the race with Salman Khan, John Abrahim etc by taking his shirt off. Kalki Koechlin who played Chanda. Gen X connection to Old Devdas.


In short, its about a guy who would sleep with the whole world but would expect his girlfriend/wife to be a virgin, would misbehave with everyone around and when it comes back instead of realising the mistake he would revert back, he would turn up to a girl only when he need to have sex or else it doesn’t matter which hell she resides in, how he makes a women feel like a slut, its about a wrong attitude of a guy he realises it and how he changes it.

Do watch it, but not with your family.


4 thoughts on “Dev D

  1. i like that song where 3 guys dance…and the rock version of Emosanal Atyachaar…

    the fact is that we do talk that non-sense in our day to day lives but when it becomes real on-screen it looks a lil weird…

  2. 🙂

    Another one, which I watched by accident. Didn’t know the story of the original ‘Devdas’ movie, but now can guess what it would have been.

    I agree with Neelabh about the soundtrack being brilliant. Specially the dance of those 3 guys on the tunes of the song. There should have been a bit more of their dance. 😦

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