Three is Crowd??? Nahhh… ;o)

Life’s strange….very strange. It puts you in situations you don’t know how to deal with. So recently what happened was.. someone from my past and from my past’s past came into my present, and someone from present was also there. These someone(s) are three different guys I ‘used to’ have a crush on. One is from school, initial classes; then the other from late school days (though he was not in my school, more of a neighbor) and the other one from where I am right now. First one, I never realized that I liked him till the time I happened to talk to him again after years. Surprisingly I remembered all those small small things related to him even after like one and a half decade. This made me think and I reached to this conclusion that it was nothing but what they call a ‘crush’. The second one, was the longest one. He made me do all those silly things, writing poems, standing in the balcony for hours to have a glimpse of him, making blanks calls to hear his voice etc etc. I knew right from the beginning what it was. The third one, I dint like him when I got to know about him for the first time. But there was something which would make my head turn towards him whenever he would cross by. But later when I got to know him a little bit I knew that I liked him.

And now the amount of conversation has reduced drastically with the present’s present as none of us want to get addicted to each other. The second one suddenly popped up as he broke up with his 4 year old girlfriend. So one fine day when he was in his gloomiest mood he thought of calling all those people to whom he thought mattered something. My name was there in the list too. And yeah, he wasn’t wrong he did matter to me…a little bit.. may be that’s why I picked his call. I got a call at 5 in the morning which of course I got to know about later when I got up. For around 2 weeks there wasn’t any response from his end, and one day he suddenly called up telling me about the story and realizing some of the things that he shouldn’t have done. The first one, I never thought that we would ever get to talk again. In school we used to fight like cats and dogs. Our conversations after a decade was a big shock to all my school friends. And there is hardly anyone who know about this development, I dint share with them cos I am afraid that they might get a heart-attack 😛

So these guys came in my life at different but very crucial stages, where I was losing hope. They came and gave me ample reasons to struggle through life, by just being there and listening to me. Quietly they went away (the first two) and now are coming back. If break-ups are something which reminds them of me then I hope they never ever recall me. Everything should go fine in their lives with their respective girlfriends. Heart-breaks are bad.

To tell you the truth… I like talking to all of them. I get to talk more 😛 . And yeah, they remind me of some good days of my life; which I want to hold on till the time I can.


2 thoughts on “Three is Crowd??? Nahhh… ;o)

  1. hahahaha….That’s the advantage of being single…but I don’t flirt with all of them 😉 … in a way I am just playing my part of being there and listening to them, tough time it seems..

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