Ye delhi hai mere yaar…


Zarre zarre mein usi ka noor hai

Jhak khud mein woh na tujhse door hai

Ishq hai usse to sab se ishq kar

Ishq hai usse…

Tu sab se ishq kar

Is ibadat ka yehi dastoor hai

Is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi

Is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi

Yaar mera har taraf bharpur hai ..


This was the first for me. 3 days 3 shows …same movie. First day first show…second day second show … third day third show….

I haven’t met a person yet who have followed this routine. Nahh…It’s not that I’m crazy about the flick but yeah we were crazy for its FDFS…we bole toh me and Shivani. Office bunk karke we went for the movie. We liked it. I thought of getting the tickets booked for Mom & Dad, Saturday was with them…and Sunday was the day for old school friends who apparently made the plan for the same movie… I dint say no as I was the only one with 2 shows up…so ‘never mind’ I thought.


So that was a short tale about why it would be The Movie in my life as I don’t think I’ll be watching the same movie for 3 consecutive days again…


The movie starts with the short poem mentioned above. I liked the movie. It does give a message of loving everyone despite the color, caste, religion etc.. The kala Bandar in the movie was amusing. Abhishek Bachchan was able to pull of the character with an ease but sometimes his accent was way too much. At some points I did feel that if it was A Shahrukh Khan or An Amir Khan playing that role the charisma of the character would have been much better, specially during the intense scenes. Otherwise he was successful in portraying the innocence & subtle excitement of a youth coming to India for the first time and how everything seemed so amusing for him. Sonam Kapoor on the other hand dint get much of a chance to speak. She was ok in whatever she did. I loved the way she smiles. Somewhere I found Rama Bua prettier than Sonam, I loved massakali too…not the song but the dove.. Dilli was portrayed to the point to an extent… I liked the mamdu ki acting…when he mimicked the policewala…I like the police wala himself for being able to portray his evil side too well… I loved Jalebi for the fact that she maintained the dignity of her character even when she was so infamous… I loved the point Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra wanted to put across.


There are some flaws too in the movie… they started off with something but dint end it. The kala Bandar thingie was exaggerated to connect it to the jhagde in Delhi 6… though the ending was happy they could have made it happier…Sonam Kapoor’s Indian Idol dream etc..


I loved the lines of the song Arziyan:

Arziyan saari Main , chehre pe likh ke Laaya hoon

Tumse kya maangoon main, tum khud hi samajh lo..Maula… 

This was enough a reason for making me go for the movie and liking it…


2 thoughts on “Ye delhi hai mere yaar…

  1. 🙂

    One of the few new movies that I’ve seen recently. Much because of the topic it tried to convey.

    And yes, Rama Bua (Aditi Rao Hydari), who is actually a real-life princess was prettier than the lead girl. 🙂

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