Itemgiri – 1

So this incident happened quite a while ago… 7th march was the day when we were suppose to give our final presentation in front of all Shiamak’s batches. Simran picked me up and we headed strainght towards the Kamla Nehru College where the auditorium was booked. Both of us recently bought a pair of sun glasses, so we dint want to miss an opportunity to flaunt them. Just like dudettes we wore regular tack pants with a tee and garnished the look with our sunglasses.


We reached the venue and met our group mates. Got ourselves enrolled for the next session. And soon we were asked to enter the Audi. I was pretty careful of my steps as it was too dark inside and there were stairs. So concerned I was that I asked one of my group fella to be extra careful. He asked, “Why?”. I simply answered, “Cos there are stairs and its too dark in here”. To which he replied, “Madame, apne sunglasses hatayengi toh kuchh dikhayi dega na….”

Ahem ahem….theek hai…hota hai kabhi kabhi 😉


2 thoughts on “Itemgiri – 1

  1. Hmmm that’s hamari apni own Garry-ima…Content editor spellings are wrong of some words…do check and make sure u dont wear your glasses as you did on 7th or else itemgiri pe bahut sare blogs ho jayengey…… 🙂

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