A Beautiful Departed Soul..

2 years back things were different.


A cab.. occupied by 6 associates was moving down the MG Road of Delhi in the evening, dropping the associates to their homes after 8 and a half hour shift. Out of the blue we started discussing if Capital Punishment should be given or not… 5 out of 6 associates said that capital punishment should be given to the criminals with the history of murders and rapes.. even the driver supported us. But we all failed to convince one girl in our cab who kept on saying that ‘whatever it is, capital punishment should not be given to anyone’. It was a heated argument as by the end of it everybody’s face was Red with fury. We ended up discussing many criminal stories.. some of them too gory to make you think hard about life and people. But she was still not convinced. She was Jigisha Ghosh. The girl who was recently found murdered. Though the news was taking a round since she went missing but I got to know about it yesterday. I have stopped reading the newspapers and have stopped listening to the news channels these days. Yesterday while talking to my parents I just had a glance at the newspaper lying on the table. I read the name and read the whole news. It was quite a while since I saw Jigisha as she moved to Noida long time back, but even then I remembered her very well. I immediately called Jayant (my ex-Boss) to confirm if it was her. Till the time I heard him say ‘yes’ I was praying for it to be someone else. It was shocking. It is shocking. And its going to make my mind wonder for quite a long time I know. She was a harmless girl, ambitious, full of life and always happy. She had plans for her life and to achieve new heights. Why would someone kill her? Though I dint know her that well but even then I couldn’t stop tears rolling out of my eyes when I got to know that its her. She was the only child of her parents. May God give enough strength to her parents to cope up with this loss. And I know… any amount of strength would be less. All I want is that the case is solved as soon as possible and the criminals involved are hanged till death… I know Jigisha would still not agree to me.


May God take good care of her…


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