First April

So it was April Fools Day yesterday.

Someone did try his Best to fool me with his ‘original’ idea but couldn’t succeed and the Best part is that he thinks that he has succeeded.

So what happened was… While talking he told me that his parents are after his life to get married and wants him to meet few girls that they have selected as prospective brides. Out of curiosity I asked, ‘How many you have met till date?’. He said, ‘Going to meet the first one today’. ‘Today’.. yesterday meant April Fool’s Day. I knew that he is trying to fool me, so I thought let me take part in the prank and after a while I’ll let him know that it was a flop idea. SO we continued talking about the Do’s and Don’ts of such meetings. As I am 3 (such meetings) old and a total Anti-arrange Marriage (for my own reasons) I found the Topic interesting to talk on. After few msgs filled with Gyan I asked him, ‘If these April Fool talks are over… shall we talk about something else?’ He kept on boasting about his ‘Original’ idea to which I kept replying that it was a Flop as it wasn’t successful. But he refused to accept, and regarded this ‘paansa ulatna’ as my smartness.

Well, it’s difficult to accept your failure I know… and that might be the thing that he is going through. He is happy thinking that I believed him.. I tried to convince but for no use… so I thought ‘let him be happy after all it’s his Day today’ 🙂

I’m wondering if someone remembers M Tv Bakra?? 😉


Edit: And interestingly this marks my 100th Post 🙂 … Century yaaaaaayyyyy….


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