The Two Words

Sorry and Thank you – these are the words for which we often regret being ruled by Englishmen (apart from other serious issues and reasons). These words are of course powerful, but only when you mean it from The Heart. For me these are the precious words, I don’t distribute them just like that to anyone I come across with. I do hear these words in my day-to-day life, a lot of people saying sorry and thank you. But it’s not about just saying, it’s about feeling. Do you actually feel Sorry when you say Sorry? Or do you actually feel Thankful to the one you say Thank You to? I think most of us do. Well, I do. Sorry has the power which would make the person forget everything that he/she had to go through, only when it’s said in a correct manner. Yes, I feel that there’s a way of saying anything and everything. If you are giving someone the most negative feedback that you can ever think of, just take sometime before giving the feedback to think about the right way. Even the most negative feedback can be given in a right way so that none of the parties feel bad. I respect being straight forward….Infact I think it depends on my mood. If I am in a good mood I would take it easy, but if not I would feel bad. Though eventually I would think over it and would get over it too.

The problem comes when we don’t realize when to say Sorry and Thank You. We often keep saying sorry but when the situation actually needs it, we run away. We often Thank people but when the actual occasion come to acknowledge someone in our lives we forget. But as some wise people in the past has mentioned “It’s better to be late than never”, yeah…it’s never too late to do the right thing. And as someone recently mentioned “make one wrong right, whenever you get a chance”.

And some people have also said ‘kya pata kal ho na ho’…so do it today. Right away.

Sorry for not being able to post something interesting for you to read.

And Thank You for reading my Blog irrespective of the above mentioned fact.


And yeah…I mean it!!!


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