And They Lived Happily Ever After…

Yes … Yes …. YESS… I was one of the Eye Witnesses for Aditi’s marriage, which took place on Monday the 20th of April. It was a small function and a signature marriage, full of memories. I went to Kolkata to attend my oldest friend’s wedding and had a gala time there. Though it wouldn’t affect me much but even then it was a nostalgic moment. Thinking how a girl I knew since 5th standard is taking on a new role of her life. We spent the first day in Kolkata chatting about the good old school days. Recalling each scary psycho teacher, deadly events and loads of giggles, which in turn made us giggle again. I never thought to spend such a nice time talking to Richa (Aditi’s sister). It seemed like a cousin’s marriage where I knew every relative and was comfortable with them even though I met some of them for the first time. Aditi looked stunning on her wedding day and so does everyone else who attended the wedding (a lot of compliments traveled around). I shopped a little, but whatever I shopped for was very cool stuff. It was like… sometimes luck strikes and you get compliments for everything, even for your sneeze.

I gifted Aditi my very first sketch which was made 2 years ago. How can I forget that I had to pack my clothes in that King size suitcase just cos the frame dint fit into the small one.


I got a much needed break from my utterly boring schedule, got a stock of talks for the next couple of days.


PS. I was glad that I made it for her marriage. It feels nice when someone come across miles… just for You. I hope she felt nice too.


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