New Hair Style

I have got a new hair style…is what everyone must be thinking. Yeah…it is new….Its a bun that I tie randomly twisting my hair in a weird manner. My Mom hates it…but I was left with no choice. Some liked it, some hated it, some dint even notice but hardly anyone know the reason behind it. I was too busy in office that I dint even get time to comb my hair. So this was better than leaving my uncombed hair open and let every one think that I dint take a bath, when every morning I take the pain of washing myself with the cold water with the horror thought that my cab would turn up any moment. And those few moments that I would get, I preferred spending them in utter laziness rather than making an effort to get up and comb my hair.


I am thinking of getting them chopped off to shoulder length… it would be going against everyone…leaving only my Mom at my side.


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