Yesterday (Sunday, 17/5/2009), I had a date with Joey. He is lovely, he is cute, he is naughty,  it seems that he loves me, he makes Divya Jealous sometimes, he is my new found Love, he reminds me of my old Love, I see him in him.

We planned to meet before the dawn breaks for Sunday, the only day I get to sleep till late; I struggled but managed to get up early morning. The thought of meeting Joey made me forget about the sleep. I got ready and went out to meet him. Called Divya to check where they were, she said, “He is not ready to move; may be once you come he would get up.” And yes she was right. All three of us went to a near by park where we met Hazel, we tried to introduce Joey with Hazel but he doesn’t like any other girl apart from (first) Me and (then) Divya 😛 .

Once our date was over, I thought of meeting my old Love too. I went to the place where Dino was burried, spent sometime with him, talked to him, told him that I still Love him, I still miss him and that he shouldn’t be jealous of Joey cos if I am able to Love Joey its only because I had him in my life. He taught me a new meaning of Love.

I Love You Dino.

And here is Joey for all you guys.


Isn’t he just Super-Cute????


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