Summer Funk 2009

Summer Funk

So we had a gala time out there on stage. That’s the first thing you need to know.


In my previous posts I mentioned that I have joined Shiamak Davar’s dance classes. Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts conducts Summer/Winter Funk every year. I was a part of Summer Funk this time. Missed my first 2 classes, I was not sure whether I would be able to cope up as the most of it was covered during the first 2 classes. I did cover up.

It was a batch full of enthusiastic people who would make it a point to practice apart from their weekend classes. Initially there were very few that I used to interact with, as there were only few that I knew from my previous batch; apart from Simran who is my office colleague. By the end of 24th May I interacted with everyone.

Meeting up for practice apart from the classes got me talking.

Our practice in JNU was the most fundoo one. It was an awesome place. An open air theatre, which was not used for any performance for a long time; in the midst of a jungle kind of place. Making groups and practicing, giving suggestions to each other for improvement, driving back to Ganga Dhabba when it started raining, having a Mango shake right at the time when rain drops were trying to drench us… it was a memorable experience.

24th morning… we were supposed to reach Siri Fort Auditorium fully dressed in our ugly dresses. Simran surprised some people on her way to pick me up. But once we reached the venue we found some mates with equally ugly combinations which made us comfortable. Technical rehearsal got over and Simran was sure that she is not going to perform in the next schedule, as she was standing during the tech rehearsal most of the time. We practiced again n again till the next one and there she was moving herself on the tune. And the last performance was Rocking. I prefer to believe that they saved the best performance for the last, may be that’s why we were the last batch to perform; just before the SPBs.

We got our certificates, bid good bye to each other with a hope to meet in the next batch.

I first got talking with Nandini. So when she is around I should rather not look for an opportunity to talk. She is always bubbling with enthusiasm n excitement.

Shubha .. Who happen to be from the same college as mine – LSR. And in spite of being on a heavier side (just like me)  she dance so well.. Dude you are so damn flexible …. unlike me 😦

Smita… We actually got talking during the last week, when we were at Nandita’s place to practice. And then JNU was one place where we opened up.

Babya .. I hope I spelt it right which I’m sure I dint. From my previous batch… had a little interaction previously… we shared some conversations this time. Last time she had to bear the ‘torture’ of being the one lifted by 3 guys…and in spite of being dead scared of falling down.. she was supposed to force a smile on her face and look cool…she was safe this time as there were some lighter girls around 😉

Nandita … a 12th class student. Medha and Simar both in 8th standard, These kids make me wonder from where they get all the energy and time to attend these classes. I wish I were as active as them.

Aparna … her voice resembles someone I know…and I can’t figure out who that someone is.

And if that makes you think that it was an all girls group then let me clarify the doubt that there were guys too.

Lalit was always a game whether it was about performing a solo or with Nandini when everyone else declined her offer cos of being too shy.

Hemant… practice sessions proved be a pol-khol sessions for him. Where we often discussed about his crush in our batch.

Sandeep…The actor among the dancers, he managed to break the nail of my toe and is still alive 👿

Sunman… I dint know that his name is Sun-Man till the time I received a mail from him and was wondering who this person was. I thought his name is Sal-Man…it was pronounced like that…it was hard to figure out.

Kaushal… the one behind the JNU plan and Thank God it happened otherwise we would have missed something

Arvind… The one who was dancing right in the front. Half of us were counting on him to remember the dance…if he would have gone wrong, God knows what would have happened

Gaurav… Simran’s partner who kept on worrying about the D-Day as she was not coming for the Practice sessions. He thought may be his partner would ditch him…just like the last time. Instead, vice-versa happened.

Rohit .. The stunt man who was restricted of doing that stunt where he could have hurt himself

Tarun … one ‘kid’ around the corner…as he kept ‘kidding’ all the time

Ayush… my partner for the partner sequence, who would forget everything if I’m not infront of him. I kept wondering during the practice sessions…..what would he do on stage if I’m absent…Thankfully I had no intentions to skip the show.

Vikramaditya… he missed the show…called in the evening to confirm if it was ‘today’ as he thought it was ‘tomorrow’…

Last but not the least ….coming back to Simran who was referred throughout… more than anyone else.

My office colleague who talks less and listens to me most of the times. End of this session means a break to our Barista visits after the class. An hour less of my talking sessions 😦


No doubt Shiamak is making so much of money…but at the end he is giving back a lot too.

His every show has a performance dedicated to the physically and mentally challenged people. Its so overwhelming to see them performing on stage. His every show has a message to forget about differences and stand together to fight against terrorism.


And… not to forget….every instructor out there deserve to be there…. They dance so well…that it would make you drop your…. Jaw 😉


PS. That’s our instructor in the pic. Right in the middle with the Shiamak T-Shirt


17 thoughts on “Summer Funk 2009

  1. Kid…… Nice !! bade ho ke karna bhi kya hai…….. or logo ko rulana aasan hai hai or hasana bahut mushkil…. I always try to make people laugh… phir chahe kuch bhi karna pade…… and kidding is the best ways to do……… or baki its BABIYA not babya……and SUNMAN is his Surname………..
    Baki Garima Ji …….. Please Ram Preet ke baare mai do shab likhe ….
    Pratiksha mai

  2. Hey Garima…very well said! It was indeed one of the most memorable and enjoyable experience of our lives. Hope many more come-by in the future!
    Thank God! You restricted yourself to just a general description of me. Had you revealed any more, I would have been shot by now. 😉
    Btw you are pretty much right, you’ve indeed mis-spelt Babiya’s name. 🙂

  3. @ Tarun – I think you dint get the pun.

    Anyways… its very important to define a line between making fun of someone and insulting someone. We often say somethings which we think are cool, but we forget to see how that other person is feeling about the same. Its good to make people laugh but not at the cost of somebody’s frowns.

    Thanks for the name corrections.

  4. Garima Ji ….Bahut hi naraz hai………. dost the people who knows me they know my Intent…… and my intent is never to insult or hurt someone…………… and it is also depend upon the person what kind of thinking approach he/she have ……. right people always thinks in right direction thats what I believe …..

  5. @ Tarun – but we can’t expect everyone to ‘know’ us….right? till the time we invest a good amount of time with them. Though I understood your point, but even then would like to give you a friendly advice, that try to understand if the person is enjoying the humour or not… before you start the Marathon

  6. hey..i think u’v alrdy got enuf brickbats 4 messin up my persnly its cool wid dat all d tym!!u rly raked up sm nostalgia here..gr8 memories..b’fully n kp in tch!!

  7. Hi Garima , nicely wrote/typed , loved reading all. I saw u , simran , nadini sweat hard & practised the last few days. Thaks to u and all, we rocked, i feel we hit the jack pot from all corners on the day.
    U seemed to be outspoken, responsible & friendly person. Simram seemed to be conserved , spontaneous but a person with good heart.
    My name is N.M.Sunman Gowda ((( Sunman is my name (( hindi mein samman ( respect) , gowda is my surname)) for the curiosity my complete elaborated name is
    Nidamalaye Madhava Sunman Gowda )))

  8. Hey Garima,
    By d time I finished reading ur whole feelings n opinion abt our ‘dancemates’, I thought I also had almost same kind of feelings.It’s really a very nice attempt to come up with such a nice idea of sharing ur feelings with us.I personally liked d concept very much. After our practice sessions other than class this is also going to be there in our heart for a long time.

    Hope to c everybody in next batch.
    And as we’ll get closer next time, I expect u to come with more innovative ideas like this one.

  9. U ACTUALLY WROTE ALL THIS AND WONDER HOW I GET TIME??????????? SHIT……… u all most made my cry by the end if it………….. u write really well………….. i can never forget this bubbly batch……………….

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