So what happened today might sound funny to some but it was really irritating for me apart from being funny of course…

I had some work and was suppose to come to office a lil late…thought of doing a different shift…2 to 11.

I kept calling Puneet (so that she can fill up the cab request for a different shift for me) who dint pick up my phone. I ended up smsing her. Then called back and there she goes (yeah Puneet is a Girl). Picked my phone when asked why the phone was not picked, she said that she doesn’t pick unknown numbers. Well yeah…right.

So I asked to fill the form for me. A few minutes later she called back after confirming with transport dpt. That the request won’t be entertained for 2 o’clock as the request is suppose to come 6hrs in advance. We were a few hours late. So she filled the form for my pick up with 4.30 pm shift.

I knew that I would have some more work. So thought of arranging a cab and going to office before the 4.30 shift cab would drop me at office.

I called up the cab provider call center. Told them that I need a cab to Gurgaon asap. They facilitated the request. After 10 minutes I got a call from some 9213xxxxxx number. Driver was enquiring about the direction to my place. He seemed familiar with the place so I asked him if he is from Have-it. To my surprise he said yes. i asked if I am the only one to be picked, he again said yes. I was delighted as I was saving on some bucks. As it was the company transport coming to pick me up, and as I was the only one to be picked there won’t be any problem if we reach office at 2.30 – 3 for the 4.30 shift. I called the call center again to cancel the booking. The agent told me that I am suppose to pay 100 bucks for the cancellation to which I pretended to sound furious as I made the cancellation with in 15minutes plus the previous associate never mentioned about it. The moment I hung up I saw a msg which I probably got while I was on phone trying to pretend to be furious. It mentioned the driver name, the cab number and driver’s phone number. 9213xxxxxx…”shit…I hope its not the same number” this is exactly what I thought. Went back to the call list to confirm and it was the same number. I wondered why that duffer driver said yes to my questions. I called him up again to clarify. Confirmed that he was not a Have-it cabbie. Never mind, he agreed to still drop me at the destination. Now mom started. Asked me to call the call center and inform them that the driver is coming to pick me up as ‘zamaana kharab hai”. Well, I called them again. Told them the story about the confusion and they said its ok if he is ready to pick you up. “Done! I’ll reach office well before time and can leave by 9.” I called the driver again to know where he exactly was, so that I be ready by the time he reaches my place. “Madam, gaadi kharab ho gayi hai. Aap unko phone karke bol do doosri gaadi bhej de”. “Damn….ye bhi abhi hona tha?” Anyways, I gave the call center a call back. Again I told the same confusion wali story to him. Asked him if it can be arranged asap. He said that they’ll inform me in next 10-15mins. And yeah, this time he dint forget to mention, “Ma’am, if you cancel the booking you’ll have to pay Rs.100 for cancellation charges”. Well, that was fine with me, till the time they follow the proper communication. I was waiting for the msg, when I again got a call from the cab driver. He arranged a different cab and told me that he can drop me at my office. And if I get a call from the call center I can tell them that its their company’s cab. This time I said no to him as I dint want to get into a situation where 2 cabs are standing in front of my house. “Ok madam” and he disconnected. 10 more minutes of wait and zoozoo’s voice started chirping on my cell indicating a received msg. I opened it.

“Sorry, at present we can not provide you the cab requested as all the cabs are booked”


And this was WTF situation for me. I called up Have-it transport where I got to know that my pick up time is 3.15. “Better wait then” is what I thought. I got picked up at 3.40 as the route was so messed up. But I had no complaints, as I was sitting next to a very cute guy 😉


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