Happy Birthday Dino

To My Dear Dino,

Happy Birthday Darling!

This would be first in 6years that we’ll celebrate your Birthday without you. You must be around 5-6months old by now. Hope you are even more cuter in the new form.I am sure you are and I am sure there are some memories of ours that you can still recall. I hope your new folks keep wondering about how much you smile thinking about your previous life.Do you remember how we used to wonder if you were a truck driver in your previous life? As you always used to move your leg in such a way while sleeping as if you are accelerating a truck 🙂 I won’t be able to gift you new toys this year sweetheart, but I would definitely send you loads and loads of wishes to have a wonderful and successful life ahead. Take care of yourself. I want to see you in Best of your Health. I sure will meet you again. Till then remember me and do tell your new folks that it’s your Birthday today…you might get some gifts 😉

loads and loads and loads of Love and kisses

PS:  Before the obstacles could have become excuses; as they have repeatedly said something about the will and the way; as always cheers to your birthday and wishing you and wishing for you at midnight!


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