Keeping aside my Birthday, I am always very excited for the Birthdays of those around me.

And when its someone I treasure, I would make sure to do all those silly things to make them feel special. It could be anything. May be wishing them every hour of the day 🙂 . It starts from 12 midnight. The moment all the hands meet to mark the starting of a fresh day, I am there to wish them. I can’t wait to give them the gift that I buy after a lot of consideration. I bought the gift for my Mom’s Birthday few days before the actual day and I couldn’t wait.

So it was the Birthday of someone who is not with us anymore. What would you do if you can’t gift them what you usually used to gift?

It was Dino’s Birthday on 6th of June. For all these years I would make sure that I buy some toys for him, stuff his bag with Calcium bones, buy cake for him, put candles on it, blow them up, cut the cake and sing Happy Birthday song for him, I even used to buy a Birthday cap for him. All this while he would sit with excitement with his eyes fixed on the Cake, then he would take a turn and look at all of us one by one with his questioning eyes asking, “When would I get to eat this yummy thing?”

Once for his Birthday we clicked some pictures, we sent the role to get the negatives developed. When we went there to collect them, there was a lady on the counter who said, “I have never seen people as obsessed with their pets as you guys.” All 36 pictures were of Dino. We came, we got clicked, we disappeared; but Dino was there throughout those 36 pics.

I loved to shop for him, buying cute little toys, his clothes….only for that Twinkle in his eyes.

So this time I couldn’t buy anything for him. I had planned to meet Joey that day but couldn’t go. Thought of visiting temple after ages…just to make a prayer for him, couldn’t go there too, but throughout the day I was praying for him. Infact, every time I think of him I make a wish for him.

What I did was, I bought some pastries for all of us. And I did meet Joey the day after.

Finally, coming to the point. I wanted to publish a post on Friday to wish Dino for his Birthday. I couldn’t do it. Thanks to my crawling server. I had to seek help from someone to publish the post on my Blog just around the time I would have wished him if he were here.

I was ashamed of having so many conditions. “I would mail the content of the Blog in installments”…My N70 has started troubling me…which meant that he’ll have to compile everything together and then publish. I wrote on a piece of paper first then small small numerous mails. I was done around 11:20 pm I think. “Post it around 12 O’Clock”…another condition…I wanted it to be my Gift to Dino. There was one more thing that I wanted to say…”please make sure that you spell check before publishing”, I don’t like to use SMS lingo on my blog…for the posts alteast …  but I dint bring this up. I already troubled him with a lot of this and that’s…when I saw the Blog published around 12… I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s a different feeling when you don’t know whether to cry or to smile. You want to smile but something in you cries. I did both.

And yeah the mail dint have any abbreviations. I forgot that he seldom uses abbreviations in normal conversations.

He published everything as I wrote except the Note, which I wanted as followed:

PS. Thanks eM for helping me post this exactly at the time when I would have wished him

Sometimes you don’t know what 50% of your efforts do to others.

I don’t know how much efforts you had to put in, but that was way beyond 100% for me.

Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank You once again


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