So there is a new Manager on the floor, Mr. D’Souza.

Conversation between his 2 team members:

R: You were not there in the introduction meeting right?

G: What meeting?

R: The meeting…where we were introduced to the New Manager.

G: Oh Okay. Naah…. I wasn’t there.

R: He was sharing his experiences with us.

G: Like….?

R: He told us about this one instance. He wanted to be a Father at the age of 11.

G: Reallyyyy????

R: Yeah.

G: Then?

R: He dropped the idea as his mother was not very supportive of this decision.

G: His mother also knew about this?????

R: Yeah. He was all set to go for the training but he dint go.

G: Ohhh…. That Father….. I see.

R: What??? What were you thinking?

G: hehehe….I better not say anything here 😉

Disclaimer: Ye kahani aur iske paatr bilkul kalpanik hain. Kisi bhi insaan ya ghatna se inka taallukk hona mehez ek ittefaaq hai.


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