Dear You,

 Hope you are having fun with your set of people.

This is to tell you that you missed yet another Birthday….My Birthday. May be you dint even know that it was yesterday. 👿

I met Bharti in the morning and in afternoon went out for shopping with Simran and Supriya. We had lunch and experimented with Italian cuisine. We made plans for Supriya’s Birthday over the table and she looked so excited. Hope we are able to implement the plan too. In the evening Divya was suppose to come with my Birthday gift…Joey. But budhhu ne Vaseline ka aadhaa pack kha liya and fell sick. This is the thing with pets, these cute lil fellas don’t understand what they shouldn’t do. So, they dint come. I’ll visit them this weekend to see how cute lil Joey is doing.

And it rained in the evening to make it pleasant outside as you know the weather is so Hot in Delhi these days.   I did miss you yesterday. It was one of those Birthdays which I would remember for a very long time. Everything was perfect, though there were a lot of things going haphazard with people around which I got to know time to time.  I kept thinking how it would be to spend my Birthday with you. Would you plan it for me to surprise me or would you ask me where I want to go and what I want to do? It is interesting how even your absence kept that smile on my face throughout the day.

Oh by the way, did I tell you that I did get wishes from a lot of cute guys? 😉

Meet me soon or you’ll regret 😛




PS. Hope you read this one day 🙂


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