Pichhle saat dino me ..

Celebrated my Birthday

And 3 more birthdays

Ate a lot

Missed my aerobics classes

Visited KFC twice

Shopped at GK Twice

Confessed to someone about my feelings (for someone else)

 Made plans to go out of station everyday

Ate chocolate cake and chocolate pastry

Got cake facial done and did the same to someone else

Wrote a Blog

Wrote about 150 mails (approx.) to someone

Talked to most of my friends

Felt embarrassed after receiving Birthday wishes from those whose Birthday I cant even recall

Watched India lose the chance of lifting the T20 World Cup again

Slept since 12 noon on Sunday

Flirted with someone

Talked to someone in odd hours…sometimes it was odd for me, sometimes for him

Put on weight (dint check though….but I’m sure of this fact) more than what I might have lost

Smiled….a lot 😀


PS. Post dedicated to the song ‘Pichhle saat dino me…’ from Rock On!!!


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