Mother Board

That is what was needed to be changed in the CPU of my PC in office, as it was not working properly for over a week now.

Finally I saw someone from tech dept. working on the issue. I was sick of changing work stations and sitting on unfamiliar ones. I was missing my PC where everything I needed was accessible, saved as bookmarks, on desktop, on different drives, in different folders. One could not see the picture on my desktop clearly as its covered by different icons of items saved. It had loads of pictures of our memorable trips and reunions, loads of songs which I requested from different friends to be mailed. I would mail them back to my office ID if they were sent on personal one, and then I was able to download and save them. I could listen to them whenever required. I even saved some half composed Blog posts on desktop.

Today as the tech guy was working he told me that all the saved data would be lost. I want to keep cribbing since then as all my pics and songs would also be lost. There were around 1000 pics and around half a thousand songs.

On top of it, there were some pics of Dino which I thought are safe in my PC. Alas…things just doesn’t happen the way we plan.


Damn it!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Mother Board

  1. Why wud u lose data if ur MoBo needs to be changed? :-/ You lose data only if the hdd has to be replaced or if you need to do a format-reinstall on your system, and you don’t have a separate partition holding your data.

    Besides, you say it was ur work PC… so most probably u had to login into ur user account to access the PC… so it wud have a folder in C:/documents and settings/ by ur username. That’s whr ur data wud probably be.

    I’m confused. :-/

  2. LOL…dont be confused… that wasnt the intention at all…I just wanted to take my frustration out… being ‘Zero’ in Technical Knowledge I dont know what exactly happened…they first said the MoBo would be changed and later some other problem occurred cos of which I think it was reformatted…

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