Thursday Treat

It was an awesome treat. I remember mentioning in my earlier posts that I love Kadi-chawal. So that was what I brought for lunch (home-made food). Initially we used to eat in our floor pantry, but recently we started going to the office cafeteria. So while we were about to go on the lunch break I was imagining about South Indian food being served in the Cafeteria (Yes…I imagine about food too), and was wondering how confused I would be…but the thought itself was so fulfilling. So when we reached at the Cafeteria it was amusing to see Idli-Sambhar being served. And when we chose the seats to sit (which apparently were near to the served food so that the empty plates can be filled as frequently as possible) I got to know that Shivani has brought Baingan ka bharta … so it wasn’t a double feast, it was a triple feast for me…and with triple feast came triple confusion…of what to eat and what not. Of course I couldn’t manage to leave even a single thing as I am fond of all the three things so much that I would have felt guilty if I would have ignored any of the three. As a result I over ate and thought of skipping the dinner. But if you think that was it….wait till I tell you what was waiting for me at the dinner table. Fried Fish… the moment I heard about it, I was hungry again as I would deprive the oceans off the fishes.

Sometimes food helps to eradicate the mid-week blues that I go through quite frequently 😀


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