Happy Journey!!!

It’s indeed a long day. We are going out on a much awaited trip. I remember it was cancelled last time cos of me. So, I had no option to say no this time other wise I would have been resting in peace by now. This was an awesome trip planning…starting with 5 people…all from my office. After hearing about the plan Bharti my school friend) showed some interest and she was a trip member too. She asked her fiancé (again my school friend) and one more school friend and one of his friends to join. All agreed and soon we were 9 from 5. 2 more got added from that (school friend’s) group. We were 11… then 2 from my office friends backed out. We were 9 again…after a day or two…other 2 from that group backed out too. We were 7…we booked a cab and then got to know that one from office want to join. Unfortunately we couldn’t accommodate her as the booking was done for 7 seater cab. Till a day before we were not sure how many people are going with us. But finally and thankfully, jaane se pehle sab decide ho gya. Now all we have to do is wait for them to pick us up. And these fellas… they want to leave as late as possible,,,


Anyways… looking forward to a great trip with my very old and old friends. I hope the feeling of being sandwiched doesn’t creep in again during the trip.


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