Sounds I Hear

Found this saved in the drafts section of my mailbox… written in 2007

Sounds I hear… something far away from this world is calling me
I ignore it…thinking that it’s an invention of my mind…
Life goes on the way it does every time
Making me forget this incidence which was one of it’s kind

I hear that again…all of them are shouting for me
As if it’s been ages we haven’t met
This is something not born out of my mind I realize
This is not a scene which was earlier set

I try…to listen to them…to recall who they are
I hear them round the clock now
It seems that the time has come to meet again
But no-one knows how

We all are waiting…for that time to come
For some its late…for some it has come
They are waiting and the time is running fast
I don’t want to miss…cos I have got the opportunity at last

Opportunity ….
To meet my people
To meet those who have been waiting
Waiting…since eternity
And will wait till eternity…

I kneel down…with my eyes wide open
Trying to look into His eyes
To ask Why…
Why we have to wait..
Go through such pain


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