Travel and all

We had gone to Massourie this weekend which apparently was long… Thanks to US Independence Day, we had an off on Friday too.

After a much long wait in office on Thursday Sunjit came to pick us up after picking up Neeraj and Ravi. We were warned to keep our packing plans to minimum as there was not suppose to be a carrier in the cab to accommodate out big bags. Bharti and Rana stuck to the thought and brought such small bags. Me and Shivani had huge bags which went along with our size well. Later we got to know that there was a carrier too. Luckily all our bags got adjusted well (barring Bharti and Rana they could have been adjusted anywhere) we got enough space to sit. Journey was tiring, we reached there around 6 in the morning and couldn’t find a single hotel where we could check in; the only response we got was “come after 10 am” .. after a lot of running around we did get a room.

We stayed for a day in massourie and went ahead to Dhanolti after that where the weather was just amazing. And the Hotel was awesome, the kind you would want to stay longer at.

The highlights of the trip are:

  • Half of us would not like to visit massourie again cos of being highly commercialized, its just FULL of people and short of hotel rooms always
  • We went to Kempty Falls and got ourselves drenched, forced Shivani to join us as she was a lil hesitant (water phobic) and I dint realize that the clothes that I was wearing were going to be transparent, I was embarrassed but not much after watching some people around. I was in a much much much better position 😛
  • The stolen something of someone 😛 , Sunjit’s comments on it being ‘towed’
  • Rana’s indulgence in Frooti 😉
  • Excess eating of chips
  • Sagar Ratna k bade bade dose and idli and uttapams
  • The thekela sa only Disco at Dhanolti hotel where Bharti was so curious to go, and good that we did go..we enjoyed dancing even there
  • How Ravi made the DJ play music for 15min more and how we insisted him to continue playing, we almost celebrated my Birthday there
  • The time me and Shivani spent waiting for others, who went to a temple at the peak of the mountain; we both decided to give the Horse a break and sat down at a restaurant there. Talking, sipping tea and watching clouds passing by making us feel there presence
  • Everyone’s entry at that restaurant after ‘mata k darshan’, their legs were still shaking
  • Got to know about Neeraj’s accident which took place last year and a lot of stories were cooked around the same
  • Ride back to Dhanolti where we stopped the cab to take some pictures, it was a long road with valley on both the sides
  • Playing antakshari and dumb charades.
  • Our photo shoot at the Eco Park in Dhanolti
  • And last but not the least…How Ravi insisted to be in Team 2 😉


There must be a lot more things which everyone else thought as being an highlight.

Waiting for pics to be uploaded to put some here.


2 thoughts on “Travel and all

  1. @Amrit – I visited after 2 years….the experience that I had last time was awesome…I kept boasting about the place through out…but this time the Magic wasn’t there….something was missing…

    Couldn’t see the video…either cos of being in office or cos of what I dont know..

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