Am I???

Yes… I am. Had no options but to come back….from Goa.


It was a lovely place… heard that it was the second most wanted place to welcome the New Millennium. People were partying on the streets and all streets were packed. Whatever it is, Goa brings you in the party mood. It was an all girls trip. They are fun… the all girls trip. You don’t have to think twice before speaking. Sometimes we were talking about men and dint realize that the waiter was serving food and could hear all that which was said… most of the times they smiled and left. Couldn’t do anything when women were in majority and in power.


I dint want to come back to my old routine. There I was doing different things everyday. For the first time in my life I entered the swimming pool (yeah yeah…!!) and managed to float for 10 seconds on my own 😛 . Played pool for the first time and won the first game too.


On the Sunday evening we went to see the beach. It was about to rain, we only got to know when we reached there. We had full intensions of enjoying in the beach by getting drench, so the rains were no problem for us. Unless… it started pouring, because of the high wind the rain droplets dropping on our body made us feel as if someone is pricking us with the toothpick. We dint mind that though as a couple took all our attention, this couple was smooching on the beach under the umbrella. It was amusing. We went out for dinner at a restaurant which was at the bank of a river. We saw this comedian Heerji there with his girl, for whom we have all praises. She was nice, came up to click our photograph without being asked. Then we got the photograph with them too (ofcourse..) … and now this made all heads turn and he was recognized by some people sitting there. After a while there were people coming and going from his table. We felt guilty of spoiling a lovely couple’s evening. Soon after the girl came and asked if she could join us. It was really getting difficult on their table. People made calls to Patiyala and Jalandhar to make Heerji say ‘Hi’ to their relatives (????). Anyways, we made sure that we make her feel better while leaving, so we went up to them to say bye to her. Poor girl must be feeling left out in all this while.


Monday we stayed back in the resort and thought of checking out the places there. We slept till the stock lasted, ate a variety of food throughout, went to the swimming pool (it was my first), played pool (first again), went to the beach, sat by the poolside after the dinner and played antakshari…that’s pretty much of it.


Tuesday we hired a car and were driving through the city. On the Second Day in Goa we had a tryst with the Goa Traffic Police, whom we approached to find the correct route. They asked if the car was hired one of us said that it’s a friend’s car and the other one nodded in agreement and there we were right in the middle of the problem. Thankfully we managed to get away with 500 bucks.  We went to Dona Paula Beach after that, after taking few wrong turns 😛 . It was less of beach and more of a place in the memory of a lady called Dona Paula. She committed suicide from that point years ago as she was in Love with a Goan guy whom she couldn’t be with because of family or society (villians!!!). Later mom told me that the climax of the movie Ek Duje Ke Liye was also picturised there and apparently both the Lovers die at that spot in the movie too. In the evening we went to Baga Beach. We had our snacks at the shack on the shore. There we met a couple from New Zealand, who were married for 40 years (wow!!)… we had a nice chatting session with them before leaving for another ordeal. Oh by the way, there was this German guy who was getting tattoos done on this arms… all the while we were sitting in the shack someone was busy creating design on his arms… God knows for how long they (tattoos) would have lasted. Ohkay coming back to the ordeal. It was a new place and all we had was a map of Goa and some assistance in finding directions from the locals. While coming back to the Resort it was quite late. And Club Mahindra is located at one corner of the city… with less boards for directions… which were not perfectly seen in the night. First we missed the right turn from the highway, went ahead till the T-point and realized that it’s not the right way…finally we took the right turn but missed many others coming our way. So at 11:30 in the night we were fighting to find the right way to reach the right place. I was looking around for places where we could have parked the car and slept through the night if ever we were tired of our hunt or were running short of fuel. But thankfully by 12:30 AM we reached the resort. Every familiar place would bring a long sigh, and every strange place would bring the frowning/panicky expression. be continued…



Wednesday we decided to go to the northest tip of Goa. We did as we planned. We could see the Maharashtra mountain range from that tip. The best part of the drive was nice weather and the drive along the coastline. While driving we could see the ocean… while coming back we saw a beach and for the first and the only time during my stay in Goa… I had nariyal pani… inspite of the fact that there are numerous coconut trees in Goa I couldn’t find it being sold. Anyway, that beach had some rocks… so this time we did not plan to get drench and thought of staying back and just enjoy the waves kissing our feet while sitting at the rocks…but this was not what it wanted… while we were sitting quietly and talking the waves came and splashed upon us…not drenching us but whatever happened was not acceptable… it made my cold worst as there wasn’t any way of changing clothes…we were not carrying an alternate pair… once we were back to the resort, we went to a near by shack for dinner… came back…chatted for a while …

For the remaining week we were at the resort because all us fell sick on a rotational basis…but there were numerous things at the resort itself to keep one self busy. We played pool, carom, table tennis, air hockey etc etc… our table tennis game was a scene to watch 😛 … carom was pretty decent… we managed to get some ‘wow’ looks … with pool thanks to some tukkas that I got some good shots… air hockey left a mark on my fingers… we had a best time in the resort… on Friday there was a Latin American Dance night where a troupe came to perform… 3 dance performances were planned… in an interval of 15min each… around 50 guests came to see the performances ..including us.. so we played games in the meanwhile when the performers were getting ready… got in interaction with few guests and it was good… at the end of the performances the guests were invited to shake a leg with the troupe members… I did give in to my Love for dance after slight hesitation… and I had a ball.. its make a huge difference when you dance with a trained dancer… I did manage to get some compliments on my turns 🙂 and hope they were not just to make me happy for a while 😛

Highlights of the trip are:

  • Our round table meetings in the balcony
  • My ‘Yoga’ aasans
  • Cute lil figures that the house keeping staff made on the bed by towels
  • I had non-veg through out the week
  • Sitting by the pool side early morning and talking on phone
  • Dance at Baga beach Shack
  • Dinner at Fishermen Wharf where all of us looked sexy 😉
  • Wearing shorts and spaghetti tops
  • Beaches
  • Not being able to go on to the cruise
  • Lost in Goa at 12 midnight
  • Cruising through the road with a map
  • The guy at the souvenir shop…who kept flirting (duhhh!!)
  • The beautiful resort and everything else related to it
  • Fort Aguada
  • The coastal drive
  • A different version of the word OK

I am going to Goa again soon…. 🙂


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