Happy One Year

It was way back in 2008 on July 21st I registered myself for a new Blog in WordPress. I had two blogs before this one and I was never regular in posting on them. This one became a part of my life ever since I started blogging on this one. So the record for the past year is not that bad for someone who was not regular at all. 127 posts in total and roaring to go…

Ever since this blog became a part of my daily routine I keep a track of everything that happens in my life. I mention everything here, though some posts end up being the private posts but I make sure that I keep my beloved blog updated with whatever I feel.

So, before continuing with my Goa Trip post I thought of doing the needful…

Happy Anniversary I for an Eye 🙂

PS. Quite a lot of people asked me about the clarification of the name, as in why I have kept this as I for an Eye… I thought it was self explanatory …. Let me know if it isn’t.


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