ocean waves

G: You know its great to sit down by the beach side and just look at it.

S: I know…

G: Oceans are like our minds…

S: ???

G: Like this ocean our mind is vast and deep. Numerous thoughts, suggestions, plans, tensions etc can be accommodated there at any given point of time. Like these waves our mind also have different variation of excitements and tensions… sometimes we enjoy them and most of the times they annoy us…

S: hmmm…. Making some sense.

G: … I feel calmer if I sit beside the ocean and just watch the waves crash by.

S: woh kaise??

G: Ocean is another identity infront of me…dealing with its own thoughts…coming up in the form of waves… the sea shore is a thin mirror between me and the ocean where the waves come and crash…similarly the waves of my thoughts generates and crash and merge with the waves of the sea… making me feel a lil more with peace..

S: what non-sense????


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