Shock…a pleasant one

Wow wow wow .. sometimes shocks are happy too.

Yeah …. Today I encountered such a ‘shock’. Let me give you a lil back ground about the person before I spill the beans about what happened.

Her name is Divya. We met in 2002, when we both were in the 3rd year of college. Divya introduced me to her. And before you get confused let me tell you that there were 2 Divyas I knew, one was in 1st year (who introduced) and the other in 3rd (the one who got introduced). They both were doing an English course, the one in the 1st year was the 3rd year’s junior (duhh!! Of course!!). And I was in Commerce section of our most beloved LSR. So that’s how I differentiated them whenever they required to be mentioned in my tales while talking to someone (and this whenever was very often during the whole 3rd year session of my college) and this is how I am going to differentiate them in this post too, to avoid confusion. Everyone with whom I used to talk a lot knew them. We stayed near by, and the very old ‘concept’ of LSR Spl Bus Route in the morning was introduced to me by the 1st year Divya. I was embarrassed (of course) as a girl who just joined the college was aware about this fact and me, on the other hand; a student of 3rd year was still struggling to travel in crowded buses. Every morning Dad used to drop me to the Bus stand, I would wait for 10-15 minutes for a ‘less crowded’ bus. Eventually, too scared to get into the crowded bus; I would catch up an auto or request my Dad to drop me to college. Everyday I he would get late to office and in the evening I had answer his furious eyes. Now you can understand, how much relief this news of LSR spl would have given me. Everyday all 3 of us would meet at the bus stand, catch the bus which was an existing bus route till Vinay Marg (the round-about next to Chanakya) and from there it was labeled as ‘LSR Spl’. Through out, as the bus wouldn’t be that crowded (hardly 3-4 passangers till Vinay Marg); we 3 would sit at the back seat. Just like small kids in the car who sit facing at the back, we used to sit. We used to check out each and every car and bike that used to pass by, to make sure that we are not missing on to a hunk. The road that connects the Chanakya round about to the Sanjay Park and then to the Fly-over near the Airport (jiska naam mai bhool gyi hu) has a lot of speed breaker and for us, that road was full of ‘swings’. Sit at the back seat of the bus on that road and you would understand what I’m talking about. We used to ask the driver not to slow down on speed 🙂

There are a lot of memories still fresh from that phase of my life. Like .. once me and 3rd year wali Divya were pointing out a guy in the car just behind our bus and we made it so confusing… later we realized that it was the same guy, Divya 1st year once tried the bhelpuri and was in tears as it was too spicy …. but made sure to finish it cos she dint want to waste it, once they both had to pay 100 bucks to the ticket checker as both were traveling with a bus-pass which expired a day before and 1st year wali Divya was so sure that they can use it for another 3 days…3rd year wali Divya was fuming that day.

There is a lot more, if I start I might take days to complete. Once out of college, the number of times we used to interact became less. And eventually we were so occupied with the events in our lives that we lost touch. It was I think in 2006 that I spoke with 3rd year wali Divya… 1st year wali ka I still have no clue. A couple of months back suddenly my mind was flooded with memories of college days and I found out the number of 3rd year wali Divya from a very very old telephone diary. Dialed the cell number and whoop!!! It dint exist. I tried the land line then…kept ringing no one picked up. I was disappointed, but decided to try again as may be cos of it being afternoon and everyone working in her family, the house must be empty with no one to pick my call. A day or two later, I dialed the number in the evening… no response again. After some days I tried again, this time in the night; again the same response… no one responded. I dint try after that and closed the chapter. A week later I got a call from Divya, I picked up with excitement just to find out that she the one whom I recently met in BSG. She called me up to inform about a meeting. Once I was through with her call out of the blue I thought to dial Divya’s (3rd year) number again… it was 8:30 in the morning and by chance I was doing a morning shift that day. Someone picked up, I was glad and hoping that the number hasn’t changed. With a calm voice, trying to hide the excitement that I might soon be talking to an old friend; I asked if I can talk to Divya. The voice suddenly asked “Garima?????” and boy there was no limit to our excitements from that point on. I was tooooooo elated to have talked to her. And she kept thanking her Mom all the time who refused to get the MTNL number changed in spite of the change in the address.

Phew!!! We calmed down and then the question and answer round went on for some time. We made plans to meet, which somehow couldn’t come into existence. And its been over a month of only plans and no action happening. We decided to meet and discuss our tales but it never happened.

So, I got a call from her today. After the Hi and Hellos and where have you beens… she said, “I am getting married and today is the Menhdi raat, drop at my place as soon as you reach back home”. I couldn’t stop laughing… as she has always been the one who opposed marriage and it was the last thing in her To-Do list. And then she said that the tomorrow is the D-Day. I was sure that she is playing a prank on me, but when she made me talk to her Mom to confirm; I had no choice but to believe. My mind, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc still have plenty of doubts on this Breaking News. I am wondering whether I should go to her place tomorrow or not? What if I reach there…all dressed up.. and then she says “Idiot that was a prank. How could you believe me on this marriage piece?”. But she is, for the first time in her life; sounding too girly with the lenhga, beauty parlor, different ceremony talks.

Damn… I am in a fix. I am definitely going tomorrow. Would update the updates on Friday.


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