Mr. Chauhan

Off lately, he has started bringing that smile on my face; which usually is lost somewhere.

I find it great to recognize his voice among many others. Though he was a recognized personality to me for a long time, it’s only from last year that I have become so fond of him. I love his voice, his choice of songs and the ways he sings. In short, the obsession began from last year; when I heard Guncha for the first time. Yeah, you guessed it right. And for whom who couldn’t – I am talking about the Singer Mohit Chauhan. Who initiated as a Band Member of Silk Route. Their dooba dooba rehta hoon yaadoan me teri was a huge hit. I did notice him at that time, but wasn’t too keen to listen to his songs then; though I liked them. As the years passed, it seems that he has polished his voice to have one of the most sensuous voices in the business. So, when I heard Guncha for the first time; that song was the one I wanted to listen all the time. I got it on my cell and would listen to it repeatedly for hours. I have numerous times fought with my Mom for changing the frequency on radio whenever his song is on air. Now I think she do it deliberately to tease me.


I actually became a fan of him since tumse hi (Jab We Met). Till then he was just another singer who was previously a Band Member. Then one after another he kept on singing only those numbers which happen to be my favorites. And when I started believing that his voice is just too marvelous for soft romantic songs, he came up with masakali. The naughty fast number. He has sung quite a few songs for Movies, some of which have gone unnoticed and most of them get me on toes to get them on my playlist.


These day what happens is, it has happened with tumne jo na kaha (New York) kahin na laage mann (Kismat Konnection), kuchh khaas hai (Fashion), guloan me rang bhare (Sikandar) and ye dooriyaan (Love Aaj Kal); the moment I listen to the song and wonder how wonderfully it has been sung and then by whom it has been sung. In Kismat Konnection era I used to find out who the singer is and Today, in Love Aaj Kal and Kaminey’s era I google just to confirm that I am right. And I compliment my face with a lovely grin when I certify myself to be in Love with Mr.Chauhan, every time I prove to be right.


Following songs are a must listen if you like his work too:


  • Boondein – Boondein (Album)
  • Sabse Peeche Hum Khade – Lets Enjoy (2004)
  • Khoon Chala – Rang De Basanti (2005)
  • Guncha Koi – Main, Meri Patni aur Woh (2005)
  • Tum Se Hi – Jab We Met (2007)
  • Kahin Na Laage – Kismat Konnection (2008)
  • Kuch khaas – Fashion (2008)
  • Masakali – Delhi 6 (2009)
  • Gulon Mein – Sikandar (2009)
  • Tune Jo Na Kaha – New York (2009)
  • Ye Dooriyan – Love Aaj Kal (2009)
  • Pehli Baar Mohabbat – Kaminey (2009)


Let me finish quoting one of my favorite lines from the song Guncha “महफिल में बार बार हमें देखा किये…. आंखों के जज़ीरों को मेरे नाम कर दिया”



2 thoughts on “Mr. Chauhan

  1. 🙂

    Well I had heard ‘Tum se hi’ (Jab We Met), but didnt quite notice who the singer was.

    Some time back was sitting in my car, getting rather bored while Mom was busy shopping, when I switched on the radio and heard the song ‘Hafiz Khuda’. I knew I had to download it. So, Googled it and came to know of the singer’s name.

    A few days later, heard ‘Gulon Mein’, again in my car and felt it was the same singer. Googled it to confirm before downloading.

    Haven’t heard the latest ones that you have mentioned as I don’t watch new Hindi movies, neither do listen to the radio (except sometimes when I’m in the car). But will search and listen to them as well.

    Yes,… there’s something in that voice. 🙂

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