A Day for Friends

This year I do have a laidback attitude, may be that’s the reason I got to know about the Friendship’s Day only a day in advance. I do like to celebrate different small small occasions. So last year when I was distributing friendship bands and cards, this year the laziness took over. All I did was send messages to all of them whom I wanted to wish and thank in a lil way of being there at some point or the other in my life. Though there were some who (seems to) have responded just to send a message in return, some…rather many of my good friends dint bother to reply (Rana and Adi being in the list) and there were some unexpected messages too which I was happy to see. Anyways, in the midst of all this I forgot to wish someone very important to me…. My Blog. It has been with me through all thick and thins whether my ‘good friend’ are around to listen or not. My blog has seen some sad, some depressing and some very depressing posts from me and it has taken it all, dint even complain once. And of course, a lil junta out there who visits my Blog off and on to see if I have written something new.

A little belated though … Happy Friendship’s Day to all of you … happy wishes are never too late.

What I did was… a bit of shopping … lunch at Pizza Hut with Shivani where we tried the latest cheesy bites wala Pihtza…and go back home… and of course I got my hair chopped in the meanwhile too….Finally…some of them have really got a shock to see me in a short haircut where as my Mom loved them… I told ya she would 🙂

I hope you all took the benefit of it being a Sunday to have some fun…My Blog for sure would have had a good sleep of 2 days 😀


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