Not Ms. Sawant… but the Festival of Rakhi… Rakshabandhan.

In today’s world…where everything is losing its charm.. people are mean… relations selfish.. I wonder how much of a meaning does festivals like this hold?? Is it only about the money that we sisters get from our brother.. sometimes they willingly give us and sometime we have to get it out of there pocket (just as a hawaldaar collecting hafta)? For me the answer is no… I still beileve that there still are good people out there…relationships still have the charm and the warmth. We need such festivals… more and more of them (keeping aside the attraction of money 😛 ). In this fast paced world where sometimes we find it difficult to take time out for people close to us… such festivals make it a point that we do.

What I did was… bought a card for my brother.. and then I thought that this would be all. Then when we went to the mall on Sunday evening I found myself searching for a gift for him (yeah…!!) I did buy something for him…and I hope he likes it too.

Buying rakhi for him also takes a lot of consideration. I like small small rakhies, but then I wonder if they would suit his big hands… but then I know he would not like the big jazzy rakhies either. I end up taking the small cute rakhies after watching out for the big ones too… just in case I find something prettier.

I bought 2 rakhies… I have been buying 2 since 2003… that’s when Dino came. I used to tie rakhi to him too. Yet another occasion to remember him and to miss him… and when I am writing this I am struggling to hold on too…that salty water which from nowhere comes in the eyes…making the view blur…

Anyways, Happy Rakshabandhan to all the Sisters and their Brothers out there. Happy Tying.


2 thoughts on “Rakhi

  1. @ Shobhit – Hey Thanks… I used to be very frequent with changing themes and headers of my Blog, but since the day this was set up I dint feel like changing it. Dino was alive when this was set up and after he went away I knew that Dino would always be there to greet me on my Blog….ALWAYS 🙂

    Thanks again…

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