I Do Have Some Interest In Books Too!!!

I have never ever been so in to reading…apart from the course books which I was forced to read…Thanks to the school teachers and to my parents that I am now able to read books, write blogs, read other’s blog, watch an English movie and understand that too 🙂

When I was over with school days I read my first novel (yeah…finally!!). There were no Mills&Boons for me, I started with Sidney Sheldons. They were interesting….damn interesting at that time 😉 . And they were thick books too. So I used to take months to finish them up. I did read 5-6 of them before going back to my ‘books are NOT for me’ phase. After some years Aditi gifted me The Alchemist. I gave her weird looks to convey ‘What The Ef?’ kind of feelings but she ignored them and told me that it’s a lovely book and I’ll enjoy reading it. I did enjoy the book and completed it after an year, and before completing it; I must have left it half read numerous times. But once I read it, I publicized about it everywhere I could fit the experience in. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is one book which I have heard all praises about. I bought it and have read it around 6-7 times till page 40 or 50. It’s been there on the shelf for 3-4 years now and it did bring some change in my life….really it did… but somehow I just cant complete it.

Anyway, off lately I have been thinking about writing a book… few people have been telling me that I should give it a try *blushes* So what… if they just want to make me feel good about the blog which just has few reader and very very few to comment on?? I have been thinking about it, keeping aside how realistic it is for me. Then I thought that I should first read some books and there I was with The Kite Runner. I heard about the book a lot… so when I decided to read some I started with that. And it was one amazing book that I couldn’t keep down after finishing half of it. Though I took one month to complete it, but as per my records it’s an award winning pace for me. I loved the twists and the turns and the suspense in the story. I avoid reading heavy stuff as I easily get into the sad mode. So I plan to read some light hearted stories which would have something to laugh/smile at too. Hence, I borrowed a book from Shivani. It was Of Course I Love You…Till I Find Someone Better. A story about an engineering student and his flings. Though I wont recommend the book to anyone but it was like a nice evening snack to me after a heavy lunch in the form of The Kite Runner. Then I bought another of Khaled HosseiniThe Thousand Splendid Suns. It seemed like a heavy dinner again. And as it was not even 2 week of completing The Kite Runner, I thought of giving it a break. So I stopped reading it after few chapters and bought a new book. I got to know that this girl who has a very popular blog – The Compulsive Confessor, has written a book. Spent half a day reading about its review and finding out more about the Author.. got to know that she is a LSRian too. Bas…that was enough for me to give this book a try – You Are Here by Meenakshi Reddy Madhvan. In spite of the mixed review, I like the book. May be I am biased… cos of those three letters L, S and R…cos I like everything related to that place as it brings some very fond memories along with huge smiles which later turn into grins. I am half done with the book and I am curious to know what happens next.

And all this has happened in just few months. If you know me, you would know that it is an achievement for me. And I am sure Aditi would rather take a sigh of relief after reading this… as she would know that I wont ask her again and again ‘How can you be so glued to those thick books???’ …cos I know the answer now 🙂


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