Sorry, I Missed Your Call

I just thought of making a story out of a thought. My first attempt at story writing. Mi and eM are the two characters I am gonna write about. I do have different stories that I want to write, the character’s name would remain the same, though the characteristics, locations, situations etc. might change. Mi is a girl and eM is a guy (of course!!).


She just came back home after a long day at work. Lying on her bed thinking about the day and taking some rest she thought of calling him up as it’s been more than a month that they have spoken to each other. She dint think twice and picked up her phone. Opened up the contact list to enter 2 alphabets – e and m and there it was, his name – eM. “Fingers automatically find that green button on the phone whenever these 2 letters appear on my cell”, she smiled while saying this to herself. Here it goes – tring tring on the other side, she anxiously waited to hear the voice say ‘”Hello” at the other end. He dint pick up. She wasn’t too happy. “And that’s why I always avoid that green button”, she told herself. Thinking about why she calls him up and why he doesn’t answer her call, she fell asleep to take a short nap.

He saw that he missed a call. It was Mi. He wasn’t expecting her call at this hour when she knew that he would be in the office and would be busy. But he dint realize that because of the difference in the time zones she actually doesn’t know what the right time to call him is. Anyway, he did send a message to her out of courtesy.

A sudden vibration of her cell phone woke her up, indicating a received SMS. She opened it up to see it was eM, “Sorry, I missed your call. Sup? How are you?” She dint reply, she knew that its better to be quite instead of spoiling somebody’s day with a sarcastic comment; that too at the beginning of it. She thought of some nice replies but they were really not coming in her mind.

eM never realized what’s there in Mi’s mind or he never bothered to know. Mi was dealing with some problems in her life, she was already suffering from the syndrome of thinking too much about everything in her life. Due to which she mostly was not in the best of her moods. eM was probably the only one in her life at that point of time whom she wanted to talk to. As this would give her an opportunity to think about something nice.

His phone rang again and again he couldn’t pick up. It was again the time that he never expected a call from her. He again chose to message and there was no reply from her again. It was US Independence Day all he could see outside was Blue, Red and White. No kites as it used to be back home but balloons. Their all sort of conversations stopped after that. Even when eM mailed her, she dint reply. He message her once again only to find no reply from her. And then he got too busy with life and work to realize her absence.

After some time eM celebrated his Birthday. His phone kept ringing throughout, SMSs were coming in wishing him good luck, and inbox was filled with birthday wishes. It was after some days that he realized that he did not receive any communication from Mi. Forgetting his birthday is out of question as she is someone with sharp memory when it comes to eM. He thought of not thinking about it too much but it wasn’t real. “Mi is someone who doesn’t think much before doing what her heart says” he found himself thinking again. He was actually right, Mi never thought of the consequences when it came to the matters of heart. And he knew that at any cost it couldn’t have been possible that her heart refused to wish him on his Birthday. “Not even a mail???” he thought again before he decided to call her up.

He was a bit hesitant of calling her up but then he wanted to know what happened. The phone rang, it was the same old dialer tone. “She dint change it… that too for this long??”.

“Hello”, a faint voice picked up the phone.

It’s not Mi for sure, she can’t be this faint after knowing that it’s my call. She can be happy or or angry but not this faint. “May I talk to Mi?”, he spoke after thinking for a while.

“Who is this?”, she sounded surprised.

“It’s her friend eM”

“Oh yes… eM. I am sorry but you wont be able to talk to her now. She is no more”. And he could hear her weep over the phone as he lay silent recollecting of what he just heard.

“What??? When??”

“It was 4th of July that she spoke last”

He disconnected the phone without asking anything further.

He actually missed her Call that day.


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