Chocolate Cake

choco cake

It was the Birthday of someone whom she used to share her secrets with. Mi’s office friend turned 25. They were celebrating her Birthday in the same way they used to celebrate for everyone. Cake was ordered and they were all set for her cake facial. Yeah, that’s how they ‘celebrated’. Once the cake was set aside on a table, Mi was asking for the person who ordered the Cake. It was the Third time in a row that they had ordered a chocolate cake and Mi (being an Alien) hated chocolate. She was furious because it would be the Third time that she would just watch everyone eat that yummy thing.

Rest of the day she kept cribbing about it.

Finally the day ended and she was looking forward to a nice evening with her family. As soon as she reached home she found out that there was a bunch of fresh carnations that eM has sent for her. She was all excited. And then she discovered that there was a chocolate cake along with it maintaining it’s cool in the refrigerator. “Wow!!!” she thought and went ahead to have a piece for herself. Her joy knew no bounds as for the first time that bitter chocolate felt so sweet. She bought another chocolate cake for her family, who would be tempted to eat it too; to make sure that she doesn’t have to share the one sent for her.

Rest of the day she kept smiling at the carnations.


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