I celebrated with myself

Yesterday was different from everyday. And I made it a point that I do something different too, to remember it for a long time.

I planned leave as I thought of giving some company to Shivani who had her Birthday yesterday. As the day came closer we realized that her family had made some plans too. I thought that we can share a movie and a popcorn on another weekend instead of this special day when her family wants to celebrate.

I was not very keen to come to the office, neither I was willing to stay at home. So I thought of going for a movie…Alone. In my life, I once dared to go for a movie alone; it was Pirates of the Caribbean 3rd part that time but unfortunately the tickets were sold out. I was determined this time (seems like completing a task?? It was a task for me!!!). This time I chose the movie carefully, to make sure I get the tickets. It was the one hanging around in the theatres for a very long time….Hangover. Once I got the tickets I thought of chilling out with some cold coffee and chocolate donut (yeah…Chocolate 🙂 ) Spent around an hour and a half at Coffee with myself 😛 and with a book. Once I entered the movie hall I was surprised to see that many people turned up, in spite of the fact that it was released long back. A group of guys sitting in the row in front of me must be watching it for the Nth time as they prompted before every ‘scene’ and repeated all the ‘dialogues’ among each other before their laughing spree. I dint mind it yesterday 🙂

Then it was much awaited pasta treat that I have been waiting for since Sunday (the day I had the doomed pasta at Dominos). I liked the Pizza Hut pasta me and Shivani ate at Green Park. I tried to order for the same. It came, it looked like that but it was with mushrooms…chicken was no where to be seen 😦 … I dint feel like complaining about it as I dint mind it either 🙂 by the way, I left all mushrooms

Then I went to Ansal Plaza to meet Shivani…

It was nice… the first in my life.


4 thoughts on “I celebrated with myself

  1. 🙂

    Ohh. So the Pasta at Dominos is doomed… is it ? I haven’t tried it yet.

    And no chicken… ?? 😦 That’s too bad. But good to know that people other than me leave all the mushrooms too… :p

    About the Pizza Hut at Green Park, it’s located so close to the McD that it always loses the battle of choices whenever I need to make one there… hehehe 😀

    Ohhh…. All this stuff stirred up my taste buds now… 😦

    • All the Best if you are still planning to try it out…the pasta I mean… from the Dominos I mean 😛

      Mushroom bhi koi khaane ki cheez hai?? I like them in just one form… Pind Balluchi has some starters in which they serve mushroom…that’s it.

      And Pizza Hut at PVR Saket is also very close to Mc D’s … for me Mc D’s should come up with something new now…

      And yes.. these kinda of talks always stir the taste buds up… would have to wait for the weekend now for some change 😦

  2. Hey Garry…. I really felt bad that day that you spent the day alone….but as u know the entire story..but you were a saviour of a birthday girl and god will bless you always :p)…aur rahi baat pasta ki doosron ko chida chida ke khayegi toh chicken ki jagah mushroom hi honge :p) and u ditched me for the Hangover!!!!!!!!

    Anyways thanx for meeting me on the right time u saved my day…as i was getting bored with Malai Kofta and boring talks….and my birthday gift shopping :p) hehhehehehehhehehe

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