Trip Trip barsa paani

I have been upto something it seems…

There’s an old saying according to which  if you have a mole on any of your feet palm you would keep on visiting places… in short, you would be a ghummakkad.

I am proving it to be right these days. The memories of Goa trip are still fresh and I am going out on a trip again to make some more…of a different destination. Eleven of my Team are going on this trip making full use of forthcoming US holiday which is Monday.

The destination this time is Lansdowne. a small hill station in Pauri Garwal. And the climate there is said to be pleasant and its raining too..on and off. Hoping for a nice weather change. And yeah I wont miss even an ounce of an opportunity to get drenched if it rains during our stay, it’s been a while since I have felt the rain drops soaking me soul deep.

So see you guys on Tuesday…till then take care of yourself.


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