When we missed the train

We were aware of the Delhi Traffic conditions and hence called for the cab approximately 3 hours before the train timings. We were suppose to catch the train at 9:10 PM from Sarai Rohilla, Delhi. We asked the cab to reach our office by 6:00 – 6:15 PM. It was there at 5:30 PM. We informed the group about the presence of the cab at our office gates. One of the group members is observing Roza for the entire month of Ramadan and hence couldn’t leave before 6:45 PM. We managed to leave by 7:15 PM. And yes, when you are getting late you tend to get stuck at every Red Light; playing the role of a villain in your traveling plans. Near WNS, Toll-gate, Dhaula Kuan, Shankar Chowk, Karol Bagh…you name it… we got stuck even at the smallest signals. We managed to reach Karol Bagh by 9:00 PM. Initially the cab driver told us that he knows the route till Liberty Cinema and later we found him asking for the directions even for that.

We were confused…whether to keep heading towards the Sarai Rohilla station or change our route. Thankfully the next stop of our train was Nizamuddin Railway Station. Till 9:07 PM we kept trying and then gave up as there was no way we could have boarded the train at Sarai Rohilla. We changed our directions to Nizamuddin and adding on to our anger, driver dint know the route of the most famous railway station in Delhi. More traffic snarls, some more shouting at each other, some more wrong directions…but we managed to reach the famous but crowded and smelly railway station on time. Thanks to Sri, we did some extra exercise while searching for the platform. We walked for at least 25min non-stop including climbing up the stairs and climbing them down.

All this was too much of an extra thrill for us… and the moment we reached our seats we all were praying “iss trip ko boring kar do aur excitement nahi chahiye babaji”… but babaji ko hamari dua kahan kabool hai…???


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