A Group of Eleven=4:7

It was Sunday when we decided to visit the tourist spots of Lansdowne, it started on a confusing note.

As discussed on the Saturday night we got up on time to get ready by 12 noon, as we went ahead to have breakfast we got to know that everyone else was up early that morning and was ready by 8:30 AM. I have been on trips quite a lot of times and mostly its with a group of friends, but I never faced such miscommunication ever. Though I dint like them waiting for me to get ready to go but I had no other choice. We could have asked them to move ahead but then there wouldn’t have been any point coming in a group. To make sure that we are with the ‘group’ me and Shivani scrapped our plans of hiring a taxi to roam around as everyone else wanted to explore the place by trekking around and they thought hiring a taxi would be just wasting money. “OK”, we thought and went ahead with the group. This was certainly not my idea of a relaxing trip. It’s not that I was stepping back from an experience of an adventurous trip, it’s simply because I dint want this trip to be an adventurous one. Soon after me and Shivani realized that it’s too much of steep climbing, we decided to go back and hire a cab. We did the same and enjoyed the remaining day unexhausted, sweat less, smiling in all the picture that we took…grinning actually.


We picked up Rana & Radhika on the way who went ahead with the group. It was strange to find that they were waiting for us alone at a place where the sight of human beings was scarce. To add on to that, there was a group of guys coming from Tip n Top who stopped the car and asked the way to Tip n Top giggling among themselves. It added on to the fear as it was an unknown place, though the locals there were very friendly. And it was too disappointing to see that these two were alone after such an instance, there was no one to accompany them (in spite of the fact that were 3 guys in the group). Not that they needed someone to protect them, but I think chivalry of men is going missing these days. Thankfully nothing bad happened *Touchwood*.


We 4 had a gala time once we were together. We went to this place (mentioned earlier) Tip n Top, it was an amazing view of all the mountains, some covered with clouds, some with bright sunlight… we went ahead for boating after that at a lake near to our resort. Shivani is water-phobic and stuck to her answer whenever we asked her to come along, which was as expected “NO”. The lake was 27 feet deep but the facts were distorted to make Shivani come with us for boating. We told her that it’s only 5 feet and the water would not even come to her shoulder level. She agreed. Me and Rana were pedaling, Shivani and Radhika were enjoying. Though Shivani hardly enjoyed, but we surely did…at her cost 😛 . As we moved ahead in the lake Shivani screamed that we should go back to the bank as she wanted to get out of the boat. As if this is what we were waiting to hear from her, we would stop the boat right in the middle of the lake and would tell her, “Ok, utar jao” 😛 . And this happened quite a number of times.  She must have cursed us and our coming generations for sure, but we enjoyed it 😀 .


Later in the evening after boating and all that jazz, we came back to our resort and thought of eating something as we realized that we only had our breakfast that too around 8 hours back. We ate a lot, we would be ready with a new order with every order that the waiter brought. We could see how frustrated he was with us. But it was the best meal we have had in Lansdowne coupled with our laughter spree and clouds; which were brushing against us.


8 thoughts on “A Group of Eleven=4:7

  1. Haan mujhe sab yaad hai kamino….but i did enjoy it :p) I think. It was a cool trip except all the the lichadpanti we went thru….lovely place to be and specially hamari over the “table” talks and un uncle ka “Moti Auntie” kehna hehehhehehehehehe Kisko u know it :p)

    • hahahahahaha…..HOW CAN I FORGET THAT?????? you made sure to remind us through out the trip after that 😛

      and yeah…IT IS a lovely place…that reminds me..I have so much to write about…and so less time 😦

  2. 🙂

    “Ok, utar jao” … seemed to be the meanest statement one could have made in a ‘matter-of-factly’ tone in that situation. :p

    I bet Shivani is busy finding out and jotting down the biggest phobias of you people right now… (if she doesn’t know them already) 😀

    So…. beware…. 🙂

  3. I am still in the process to find one Garry….beware….Shobhit is right I am looking for things to scare you guys…wait and watch i have ample time till our next trip to find something interesting 🙂

  4. Haan usko to Bunglow no: 18 mein bhej denge aur Radhika ko Potty talks se Vanchit kar denge aur next time apni “table” conversations me auntie ko conference karenge 🙂

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