Fireworks at Kotdwar Railway Station

Last day was a totally confusing day. Where half of us were ready to visit Tarkeshwar and half of us didn’t see any point in going 40kms away and then coming back to the railway station.. which meant around 100kms of traveling with in the same day. Anyhow we managed to have consensus on the same and left around 12 noon from Lansdowne to Tarkeshwar. The journey itself was beautiful, roads were scary but amazing, view was awesome and we couldn’t have asked for a better climate. It was raining. Though I did have a slight fever I did manage to get drenched because we did not carry umbrellas. We hired 2 cabs and again it was a ratio of 4:7, we kept the luggage of the 7 in our cab.

Tarkeshwar is a small but very old Shiv Temple situated in the midst of lush green jungle. It was as if everything out there is welcoming us with open arms in the best of their conditions.

We made sure to have an agreement to reach the Kotdwar Railway station by 6:00 – 6:30 in the evening. We 4 reached there by 6:15. We thought that we would deposit the bags in the Clock room and would go and eat something as we couldnot eat anything after the breakfast in Lansdowne. Alas… there was no clock room and we had to sit at the station with the luggage.. ours and theirs. We waited for them as we thought that they would show up by 6:45 at the max. We searched for a waiting room and were successful in finding one the only problem was that it specifically mentioned ‘for Gents only’. When we asked the station master for the Ladies waiting room he said that it’s the same one. There was not other waiting room. We decided to sit outside the station master’s room at a bench which was for the ‘staff members only’. We knew that we would get up if we find any of the staff members around.

We could have gone out for Dinner with our luggage but had to sit back with all the luggage and asked Radhika and Rana to first go and eat. So that once they come back me and Shivani can go and they would sit with the bags.

We kept trying the numbers of the group members in the other cab but couldn’t get through…Thanks to the rare connectivity of our celebrity endorsed mobile connections. We messaged them to call back as and when they receive the message. Did not get a message. Later got a call from one of them saying that they would be there in 10mins. It was 7:15 by then. In the meanwhile an old looking freak sat on the railings in front of us and kept staring at us. After 15-20min session of his staring his asked us to get up and sit on another bench as this particular one was for ‘staff only’. We politely said that we would get up if anyone wants to sit. He kept insisting that it doesn’t look nice and we should get up. Shivani moved to the other bench and while getting up I asked the freak to come and sit, to which he said that he doesn’t want to sit there. Aag me ghee ka kaam bakhoobi nibhaya in jannab ne. I sternly told him that we would get up if anyone comes. He came and sit on the bench next to us and kept staring. For another 15-20min. Fed up I was and I asked him what’s the matter I said that we would get up, he said,’ no keep sitting’ to which I said ‘then why are you staring at me angrily?’ He had no words.

Anyway, we managed to control ourselves not to pour our anger on him much. Later around 7:45-8:00 the other group came, it was all the more frustrating to see that there is no trace of sorry on their faces, more over all they started picking their bags up. That’s when my anger mixed with frustration got beyond limits. There were these people who were least bothered about four girls sitting at a filthy station, their bags with us and they don’t even feel the responsibility of coordinating with us, they made us wait for about 1 and a half – two hours on a platform guarding their bags and are not even Thankful for the same. What the fuck??? Why the hell I even agreed to come with such people, who when asked if they were feeling shameful of doing this to us said “I don’t see a big deal in it…station pe hi toh baithe ho koi sadak pe toh nahi khade” I was feeling shameful of coming with such a group which show cased this kind of thinking. And then we were told that they also have suffered cos of us as we made them wait till 12 noon. They didn’t even realize that they were waiting outside their rooms in the premises of our hotel and there we were at a God-damn railway station amidst some filthy people.

That was the end of our trip with a lot of fireworks at Kotdwar Railway Station.

I haven’t been talking to quite a few people after that I might not ever be the way I used to. I can’t just be mute to them, as certain things need to be discussed being in the same team.


1. Don’t ever just make a plan with just anyone you just know…you should always go on trips with like minded people to enjoy more

2. Sorry and Thank You are really strong words.


4 thoughts on “Fireworks at Kotdwar Railway Station

  1. Very true Garima, but people who say its not a big deal will never understand the meaning of these strong words…..they just know how to utilise people for their sake and nothing else 😦

    Every event teaches us something…we got our lessons now…we will be aware next time about the people we are going with :p)

    Cheers to Lansdowne and Tarkeshwar 🙂

    • yeah…true. Never mind I am sure they would definetly be in our shoes one day. Life teaches… and its too early for them to learn.

      Cheers to all our trips that we have been to and to the ones that we would be going in future 🙂

  2. 🙂

    Fireworks for sure. You’ll soon get to read about some of my own made fireworks on a journey (obviously with some un-like-minded people).

    But as you concluded, don’t let that dampen the great time you had at such beautiful places. Instead of brooding about why you travelled with such people, just be thankful that you were able to enjoy nature’s beauty. 🙂

    • yeah..inspite of all odds we did enjoy and had some really great moments of our lives … 🙂

      Fireworks were continued even after the trip.. I was not talking to some people (jinka iss trip se koi lena dena nahi hai) just cos I knew I might blast on them,,,

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