I think I am addicted. No.. I am sure I am.

Since 2001..this is for the first time that I don’t have my cell phone with me and I am missing it badly… very badly.

Saturday night when we were dancing all the way on the dance floor in a party organized by our office, my phone went off… leaving just white light when you switch it on. It does vibrate when there is a call from someone but doesn’t display anything except the bright white light. I did manage for a day with my expertise with the phone, I made some calls and sent some messages informing people about my phoneless condition. Then I switched it off.


I don’t like to be alone and my phone gave me company every time I was alone. I could call someone to talk (though I could hardly find a number in the phonebook to call when I actually need to talk), I could access my email on phone and could talk to someone through email (which I often did), I could forward messages to people, I could listen to music, read blogs …. Zada kuchh nahi toh keep myself busy by changing the settings or looking for a new dialer tone. It helped me a lot you see, to deal with the loneliness. And now its not there, I dint make much efforts to buy another one. I did raise the topic to which I got the reply to buy a phone for not more than 3K or to get the same one repaired (which means spending around 2K itself on the repair), once I got these replies I just thought letting it go the way it is.


It’s been happening with me for long now.. let it also test me. This is not fighting back, I am afraid I don’t have the energy or eagerness to fight back right now. This is surrender, for the time being let me actually be lonely. And if I get used to this loneliness I might not buy a cell again.


PS. This particular post might have made you think that I am too silly and crazy… that too about a cell phone. But believe me it means a lot to me. It gives me the security to get in touch with my family anytime, I feel connected to the world out there anytime of the day.


2 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. 🙂

    Hmm. Why do we tend to realize the importance of things (for that matter, people) only after they are gone… ?

    But now that you have realized, you will manage things a lot better in the future. No ? 🙂

    • No… I realized it long time back… I knew that I would feel handicapped if something happens to it… keeping two two phones is not feasible for me…it would be too much.. I might buy a new one by this weekend 🙂

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