Party People

It was a day that comes after ages for us (us bole toh me and my colleagues). It was the day when my cell went into a critical condition. It was the day when we had our office party in one of the Farm Houses in Dwarka to accommodate the crowd that was expected to come. It was really really huge as compared to what I have usually seen here. Many sections of the company invited together. I had very high expectations being the one who has attended quite a few before.

Anyway, won’t be discussing much about it…just few highlights:

  • Got to meet Lolly after ages
  • Spent hell lot of time in R&R… I always wonder what’s the logic of keeping Townhall with a party??
  • Some highly boring performances…and some very funny skits, rock bands at the end to set the mood back to groove
  • Nicely dressed up people with shimmery dresses. I, for one; was among those who dressed up for a Friday
  • Good looking guys, it was ‘spring’ everywhere; I was wondering where do they disappear in usual days  
  • Long queue for food…and the fact that I couldn’t actually eat being on fast
  • Inspite of being the Navratra season there were people who utilized fully the ‘free ki daroo’
  • I remember one instance. We were on the dance floor and the DJ was packing up when people were asking him to play for few more minutes. This guy, on top of his voice (not sounding rude though); must be talking to his girlfriend. He was saying, “kuchh nahi hua baby, sab theek hai. I Love You Baby. Mai thodi der me phone karta hu, battery low hai. I Love You Baby”
  • Bad DJ.. we couldn’t dance as it was just for an hour and a half, which doesn’t stand in front of the records that I have set before by being the first one to get on the dance floor with my group and the last one to leave it
  • Transport chaos in the end, which made us take the decision that next time we would not avail company’s transport to keep our sanity levels intact

2 thoughts on “Party People

  1. Yeah.. I agree on transport..Aur rahi baat milne ki, toh it was awsome to meet u after a long time.. But for me it wasnt that long, as I was connected with ur life’s happening through ur blog.. cheerzz..

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