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Off lately, I have been thinking about how serials were so addictive when I was a kid. I would do anything to make sure that I see my favorite ones religiously… irrespective of exams, test, fever etc.

I’m sure your eyes would still sparkle with the thought of ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’, ‘Zabaan Sambhaal Ke’, ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’, ‘Tehkikaat’ … I am sure there were many and I would write them down as and when the names would strike me up. These were the servings of DD-1 and DD Metro. When concept of cable TV came there were shows like ‘Filmy Chakkar’, ‘Sailaab’, ‘Saans’, ‘Hum Paanch’.. I remember ‘I Dream Of Jennie’ used to be aired on Sony at 7:30 in the evening. I was always back home by 7:15 to get ready for it. There was ‘Small Wonder’, ‘Bewitched’ also.

I was very regular with ‘Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai’ recently (not that recently though). I was wondering if I would still like the show if Rohsesh would be played by someone else, what if Maya is changed, would someone else as Monisha leave the same impact, would other Indravadhan be as funny or who else would fit into Saahil’s character? In short, I can’t imagine someone else playing these characters. Same goes with other shows that I have mentioned here. They have become so real and close to heart just because of the actors who have portrayed the characters the way no one else could.



I recently watched The Kite Runner. I loved the book and Radhika loved the movie. She wanted to read the book after watching the movie and I wanted to watch the movie after hearing about it from Radhika. She was so enthusiastic when she talked about it. So I bought the DVD the other day, wondering if I am wasting my money. I saw it the same day, I couldn’t wait for it to rest in the shelf. It was nice but not as nice as the book. A lot of details were missed, but it’s not Director’s fault. It’s difficult to chose one instance from the other as everything in the novel seems so important for the story and you would realize it only when you have read the novel.



 As by now you know that I have read The Kite Runner and loved it, so I don’t have to mention that it dint take much to convince me to buy a copy of The Thousand Splendid Suns. And yes, I did complete it; at a winning pace. And yes, I found it lovely. This was a story about two women, their struggling lives and how they manage to garnish their lives so beautifully with whatever little they had. It’s a story of hope and ever lasting courage. The next read is The Devil Wears Prada. Yes I know, there’s a movie too; but I haven’t seen it yet (yeah!!) so I am hoping that it will be a nice read.


2 thoughts on “TV, Movies and Books

  1. I remember a few detective shows from my old nostalgic Doordarshan days. I was a child then, but thanks to you tube, that I can continue watching them. Who can forget Jasoos Karamchand (starring Pankaj Kapoor), Super six, Barrister Roy (starring Kanwaljeet), Reporter (Shekhar Suman’s first apperance on TV), Tehkikaat and Suraag (starring Sudesh Berry)? But the show stealer of those good old days was definitely Byomkesh Bakshi. He was undoubtedly the desi Sherlock Holmes.

    • I knowww….though I started watching it very late cause I was not a very TV-TV person, but constant discussions about the stories among friends made me wonder what it is…and then there was no looking back. Now of course I remember only the bits and pieces….might have to go back to YouTube once I get time and a connection :-l


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