Men and Clothes

This topic again occupied a space in my tiny brain when I watched the movie ‘Jab We Met’ again yesterday. I have stopped counting the number of times I have seen that movie. Some of you might wonder about what’s so great in the movie that I have watched it over and over again. Well…no matter how many times I watch it.. it still brings that freshness to me which I felt when I watched it for the first time and of course there are a lot of other memories too. And yes this is not the only one in this list of those movies which I can watch without counting .. there are many more.

Till this movie I considered Shahid Kapoor as a kid actor. In most of his previous movies he played the role of a college going kid, from this movie on I started liking Shahid Kapoor too 🙂

He took my breath away when I saw him in Black pathani suit in ‘nagada baja’ song. Since then I strongly believe that he should be banned from wearing kurta kind of dresses. Anyways, this made me think about the outfits that make me admire a guy. There are some combinations which I think can never go wrong with guys irrespective of the complexion and physique.

Kurta payjama being one of them…of any color and should fit them nicely.

Jeans with a combination of white or black is lethal.. yeah I simply love it. It could be a tee or a shirt.

All three combined together…nothing like it (the last song of JWM made Shahid wear all three)

Jeans with full sleeve shirt, half tucked in and sleeves folded till elbow (this is Shahrukh’s DDLJ look and I started noticing it since then)

Apart from this men in nicely ironed and creased formals make heads turn too. My favorite combos in formals are black-blue and beige-blue…and the cherry on the cake is that matching tie.

Now that doesn’t mean that I only like men in these few colors…. I don’t like to be partial 😉

I have seen men who restrict themselves to some basic colors, which compliments there complexion and earns them a lot of compliments from others. I think men should experiment more with the sense of clothing, all that matters is the way they carry all that off.

I don’t know about others but I, for one; definitely like such men who are at such an ease with themselves.


2 thoughts on “Men and Clothes

  1. 🙂


    Girls give so much attention to a men’s clothings too… ?? I didn’t realize that before. No wonder no girl ever noticed me… 😀

    And I just remembered, I never ever wear Kurta payjamas… 😉

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