Happy Deepawali!!!

Technology has made our lives alot easier. Any idea about that era where one had to travel miles to communicate their messages. No wonder there were no extra flabs…well for most of them.

Then telephones came and then cellphones and then there were always better versions than before in the market. Similarly, the mode of communication in certain situations kept changing. It was a personal visit years ago, then came telephone talks and then SMSs.
Though these methods are superfast (agar connection mherbaan ho toh) but somewhere these celebratons have lost that warm personal touch.

SMSs were doing the rounds when one fine day during an occassion the connection carrier announced that discounted rates will not be applicable on that very day. Initially the number of messages went down and later we found a solution to that….send the message a day in advance. Ki fark paenda hai…ek din pehle wish kar dia toh??

Well…agar ham intelligent hain toh kya…cellphone company wale hamse double intelligent hain. Now a days they send a msg like this – “Please note that discounted rates will not be valid on 16-Oct-2009 and 17-Oct-2009”. So next time may be on Dhanteras we’ll wish everyone 😛
Anyways, I prefer to be on time rather than wishing ‘in advance’ to save some bucks. Details on my Diwali would come later…abhi toh you guys just accept my wishes of a Happy and fulfiling life ahead….

….Happy Deepawali….


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