The Enlightened Night

Diwali …. One of those rare seasons that I love. A nice change in weather…warm turns to chill; lights … wherever you see… ground or over that sky; family and friends… they visit you… you visit them. Everyone looks great and everyone sounds sweet. Good food and nicely decorated homes. And this was my bhabhi’s first Diwali at home.

I was not too much involved in the preparations though but I managed to do 2 things on Diwali – cooked chholey and made rangoli. I didn’t bother to shop for new clothes, wore whatever I could land my hands on.

The day turned out to be quite nice … more than what I expected. Bhai and Dad were roaming around Delhi roads to distribute sweets among some close relatives and friends. Bhabhi was busy cooking for breakfast and lunch. Mom was giving instructions to me and I was trying to following them and was trying not to be the center of my Mom’s aggression. Thankfully my Mom was quite chilled out this time, so I sailed through her instructions with Flying colors.

Later in the evening Chunmun and Karan visited and as always we were late even this time in paying our visit to their place… to wish their family a Happy Diwali. But we did manage to go before 12 midnight. How can I miss out on that… this is probably the Best thing I did during the whole day.

And suddenly I remember some chocolate Ad….’toh iss Diwali aap kisko khush karne ja rahe hain?’

I don’t think I did something to make someone happy that day… I dint see that sparkle in anybody’s eyes cos of me… except Joey. Chunmun’s pet…who was immensely happy to see me around and I was immensely happy to meet him that day. That pair of excited eyes…they reminded me of Dino. And that reminds me that an entire post is waiting to be composed 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Enlightened Night

  1. 🙂

    So, you had a wonderful time on the day… eh ? Yes, the atmosphere is always different on Diwali. By the way, how did the Chholey come through ? 😀

    My little cousin Chunmun is the one who comes to our place with all his crackers and pesters me to light them for him. We don’t buy any ourselves now. And then we visit his place which we try best to do before 12 midnight. 🙂 Isn’t that pretty similar ? 😀 Only except that he doesn’t have any pet.

    I did visit my friend yesterday who has a pet called Archie. And talking of the excited eyes, I had already started writing a post on them yesterday. You’ll get to read it soon.

    • 🙂 Ohh they were yummy…my brother’s friend came for dinner along with his wife later in the night (they also managed to visit before 12 😛 ), I did get some compliments for my cooking skills.

      My friend Chunmun is a girl 😛 . I always notice this with the nick names…most of them are unisex.
      My bro is very fond of crackers… every year we surpass the last years limit.

      waiting for the post 🙂

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