Criss Cross

A, B , C & D were in the office cafeteria for lunch. It was decided to check out new counters in the area and every one zeroed down to the Pasta treat.

So they stood there in front of the counter trying to figure out what they want (as if there were much choices).

A (to the person at the counter say P): One non-veg pasta for me in white sauce. (to B, C & D now) actually I should try the red sauce this time. (to P again) ummm… yeah, make it in the red sauce.

P: You can take your time to decide madam…

A: Yeah, its decided. One non-veg pasta in Red sauce

A and B were done with this. Both were non-vegetarians.

C (to D): Which one should we go for .. red sauce or white sauce??

D: No idea… I would be eating pasta for the first time

B: Go for the white sauce..its good. (to A) isn’t it?

A: yeah it is…in fact I am again confused between the red one and the white one (trying to convey the thought that the white sauce is delicious)

B: See I am fine with both…

P (stops and stare at A with a question mark expression on the face): White sauce then???

A: No… I have given you the order…carry on with that. (to B, C & D) cant we talk among ourselves…huh?

In the meanwhile C orders for a veg pasta in white sauce.

Now even C &D were done as they both were strictly vegetarians


After about 20 mins they got the pastas…

A (putting some chilly flakes in the red sauce pasta): I love the flavor of chilly flakes.

While B is busy tasting it.

C (sprinkling & mixing some [chilly flakes] on her white sauce pasta): Me too. 🙂 . (to D): Here… taste the pasta of your life now.

B (to C & D): Give me that one to taste now.

C: Hey….keep your fork off this dish… you have eaten non-veg with that.

B: You believe I’ll leave some bits n piece of non-veg on the fork??

C: 😛

B: 😛

A (gets up): Let me check with P….where’s the non-veg…it seems plain

B (trying to scare C & D): Let me check if this one is veg or not (hehehahaha!!!)

B (looking at C & D’s faces): nah naahh…I am kidding. (still shuffling the pasta) …. Shit!!! This is non-veg pasta.

A (came running): Guys… that one is non-veg.

B: Yeah…just discovered. See here are the pieces.

D ran to the washroom to puke. C was pretty chilled out as she knew that there were no pieces of non-veg in those few bites that they had.

Though it must be difficult for C & D for coping up with this fact…there was one thing that B kept laughing about “keep your fork off this dish… you have eaten non-veg with that” …it was said for the non-veg dish 😛


11 thoughts on “Criss Cross

  1. 🙂

    Ok… I just imagined myself in place of ‘D’… I would have reacted in probably the same way as she did…

    Only that the difference being, if I would have wrongly been served veg pasta instead of non-veg… 😀 😛

    Anyways, the last paragraph confused me a bit. Did C and D really have the non-veg pasta… ??

  2. hheheheehh now they can also order Karim’s double chicken double egg roll and KFC, now they know what they were missing from there lives :p)

    • Karim nahi Nizam Shivani…aap kaise bhool sakte ho?? 😛
      and they dint have the chicken…just the pasta cooked with it,,, so they hardly know the taste yet. I hope aisa na hi ho dobara….itna fun kaafi hai.

  3. 🙂

    Hey, is Nizam the one in South-Ex… ?? If I’m right… ?? And I had those chicken and mutton rolls at a place in GK Market last time. What’s it called ? Any idea ?

    • No.. I think its Kureshi (if its the one near McD’s that you are talking about)…Nizam is in CP near Plaza theatre I guess. GK ka nahi pata…there we are more regular with either the Hut or Yo China…

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