A Dream and Dino

I saw a dream today and that dream had Dino. I could feel myself smiling while I was asleep and was somewhere near Dino.
Dino was saved by a couple and was alive as per my dream. We accidently met and he came running towards me to meet and I dint take a second to realise who he was. I hugged him, he licked my face, I cried and he barked. They told us how they saved him (from what I dont remember) and they looked disheartened with the thought that Dino would be with us now. I could feel their pain and at the same time couldnot express how happy I was to have found my Dino back. We brought Dino back home, he was happy and excited. I dint want to go to office and was not interested to meet anyone else or to take any calls..all I wanted was to talk to Dino, to play with him, roam around him with his food bowl, take him for a walk…I wanted time to stop. But before I could plan more, reality striked. One evening we (me & family) were talking over a cup of tea when Dino came from another room where he was sleeping and sat next to me with his head on my lap, he was looking at me with those wet eyes. I hugged him and he died again. This time in my arms, while I hugged him. I could no longer dream…I woke up at this with wet eyes right in the middle of the night. I wept again…again I tried to seek an answer ‘why I coulnot say bye to him?’.
I have had enough discussions at home to bring another pet but they are always shunned. I have minimised the talks about Dino at home, its difficult to pretend and fight back your tears in front of those 2 people who brought you in this world.
Probably they would never know and I would never be able to tell them the reason behind my persistent efforts in bringing that discussion up. They dont know that I feel guilty of not paying attention to him that morning…and I feel he must have thought of not meeting me before that long journey of his just because of that behaviour of mine in the morning. I dont know how to say sorry to him for that…though I have said it in my prayers, I don’t feel satisfied. I sure would remember him till I die, I won’t let his memories die within me. And yeah… I would keep on making efforts to say Sorry to him…in one way or the other.

I am sorry Dino. Love you…


4 thoughts on “A Dream and Dino

    • I wish I could do this…but how can you expect my reflection to be happy when I am not… my Blog is one place where I cannot cheat.

      What I can do is, mention at the beginning if its a sad post so that to continue reading is your choice.

    • I know…but there is this problem with me…I want Good-byes to be proper ones..and I did not get time for the same with Dino… But I think I need to learn.. a ‘Call’ is a CALL…it doesnt wait for anybody.

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