A Final Farewell

Today, indeed; is one of the lucky days for few as I can hear the arrival of a baraat somewhere nearby. 2 souls are going to take vows to support each other for the rest of their lives.
But today, certainly; was one of the worst days for me and some must be going through hell at this point of time.
It’s one of those days which makes you doubt at the way nature works. The day which increases the number of questions you would want to ask God. The day when you face the reality of life and death.
Venu was my colleague when I joined this company, my senior. He was one of those I could reach out to for help and he was always there to help, in one way or the other. He was one of those who filled my initial days of working in an MNC with smiles. He was promoted short after as a manager. And later handled my team too. In April he again was promoted and left our team. We bid him a farewell and presented him a shirt as a parting gift. We were pleased to see that he wore the same shirt that his team gifted him at His wedding function which was after a few days. He tried his best to be a good son. He was the only son.
He lost his father few months back. And today his mother lost him. He was struggling to live for his mother and for his wife, whom he married just a few months ago. He was diagnosed with kidney failure and was in hospital. They were trying to save him and he was trying his best to win. It was not the time for him to leave…certainly not. He was too young to go. There are a lot of people in this world who pray to die, but why does that Someone up there always call someone who wants to live?
I have my share of memories associated with him and so would others who knew him. It’s time to bid farewell to him again and this one would leave everybody with a lot of pain.

You’ll be missed Venu….immensely…by each one of us. May God grant peace to your soul and strength to your family and friends.


One thought on “A Final Farewell

  1. I dont know who Venu is but I can feel the pain by readin this post. One of ur best “POST’s”.. may his soul rest in peace.

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