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There are sometimes when some tiny things happen which leave you with a smile. As there are no people involved, it seems to be a direct contact that by chance happened to something around; which gave you a signal in its own way. It happens with all of us. These words might have confused you, so let me tell you what made me right this.
Today all of a sudden from nowhere I started humming a song from a very old Sonu Nigam album… his first one I guess – “kuchh tum socho, kuchh hum sochein”. I was wondering ki ye gaana achanak kahan se yaad aa gaya. And when I just switched the radio on on my cellphone, I heard Sonu Nigam singing the same song for me…they were the same lines that I was humming. It brought an instant smile and a strange feeling that I was heard even though it was just for a petty thing.
‘hey you…sirf iss se kaam nahi chalega…we need to sit and talk about a lot of things’

PS. Nice songs on radio tonight….very nice.

Now playing kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal aata hai.


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