First Day Third Show

Since the day I started working First Day First Shows (FDFS) are a far fetched dreams as no company is generous enough to agree for an extended weekend for an associate. Ab Bhagwan ne mujhe itni fursat me bhi nahi banaya k mujhe special treatment mile (that’s another topic of discussion which will be discussed later). So coming back to FDFS…one has to feel contented with First Day ANY Show…that’s what I try to do. But ab Bhagwan ko ye bhi kahan manzoor hai…
I leave office at 4:20 in the evening and reach home by 5:00. Me and Shivani (who is on leave today) planned for Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani today as we always wanted to see the FDFS of this one (which is not possible as mentioned earlier). We decided for 4:50 show at DT Vasant Kunj, after a lot of calculations I came to the conclusion that I would be able to reach Vasant Kunj by that time. And Shivani got the tickets too…half an hour before the show.
Now starts the panauti….everyday my cab is usually among the first few cabs in the line, BUT was out of the line which means we would get to leave at the end…F***!!! I could see my 200 bucks going down the drain. I asked the driver how much time would it take to reach there, he said that we’ll reach there by 4:50 or 4:55. I was like pheww, I would only miss the ads. The moment we hit the MG Road I could see a cluster of vehicles not moving at all (F***!! F***!!)…we had no option but to join them. I realised that it was moving slowly…but the crowd of cars dint seem to end.

Well I missed first half an hour of the movie…will have to watch it again.

I think I am a pure example of someone whose luck is all screwed up…waht teh ef???


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